All spots for the Fall session of Winter Swim have been filled and registration is closed.

About RSTA

The objective and primary purpose of the RSTA is the education of all individuals ages 6 to 18 for the purpose of developing and improving their capabilities in the sport of swimming. In addition to the development of competitive skills, the RSTA promotes the virtues of good conduct and sportsmanship.

RSTA brings together up to about 900 swimmers from the greater Reston area. These swimmers practice and compete on eight teams with up to 110 swimmers per team. During the course of a season from late May to the end of July, swimmers practice almost daily and compete in 6 dual meets, an Individual Medley meet, and a select All-Star meet. Coaches for each team are hired each summer. Many are current or former RSTA swimmers.


The earliest records available to us date from 1972 but it is believed that RSTA began in 1969. RSTA began as an AAU Winter Swim program put together by a group of interested swim parents with a Summer Developmental team added at least by the summer of 1972. The indoor Winter program utilized the Reston Country Club pool while the Summer teams used the RHOA pools. The following offers a brief summary of each year in the League.