Registration opens on April 17 at 7am!

Reston Swim Team Association

Dear Current and Prospective RSTA Families,


The day we have all eagerly been awaiting is almost here! We are thrilled to be opening registration for the 2021 RSTA Summer Swim season this week.

  • Registration will open on Saturday, April 17th at 7:00am for RETURNING families who participated in the 2019 summer or 2020/2021 winter RSTA programs.  
  • New families will be able to register beginning Saturday, May 1 at 7am

The registration fee for the 2021 summer season will be $200 per swimmer. Click HERE to register.



Due to current guidelines and restrictions associated with COVID-19, we anticipate having to reduce team sizes this year to maintain social distancing during practices and meets. Registrations will be prioritized in the order they are received, and teams may fill earlier than normal. Specific details regarding team assignment and new swimmer evaluations can be found on our website.  


Practices will continue to be held in the evenings until the last FCPS school day, after which they will move to the mornings. While team practices were previously split into two session times, this summer swimmers will need to be split into three practice sessions to meet guidelines. Teams will assign swimmers to practice based on registration. As the season progresses, coaches and managers may make some adjustments to practice schedules. Please note the following regarding this season’s practices:

  • Teams will practice at their home pools.   
  • Evening practices will be scheduled from June 1 to June 11 between 7pm and 8:45pm.
  • Morning practices will begin on June 14 and be scheduled between 8am and 10am.
  • Number of swimmers per lane will be fewer than in past seasons.
  • Coach-to-swimmer ratio during practices will be higher than in past seasons.

Meets will be held on Saturday mornings from approximately 6:30am to 12pm and will need to be split into two sessions to meet capacity restrictions. Session details will be determined after registration so that we can plan most efficiently. Other notable changes to meets for this season will include:

  • Home meets possibly held at pools other than a team’s normal home pool
  • Minimal volunteers on deck
  • Swimmers staged outside of pool deck
  • Volunteers to assist in the staging area 
  • No spectators on deck
  • No concessions available

Protocols and procedures for the 2021 summer season to keep us all safe and in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions will include:

  • 10-foot social distancing (as required by Reston Association, from whom we rent the pools) 
  • Masks required at all times for everyone at the facilities, both on and off deck: Swimmers will remove masks immediately prior to entering the water, place them in individual bags, and put them back on immediately upon exiting the water.
  • Only coaches and limited volunteers required for practices and meets on deck: No additional parents/spectators will be allowed on deck at any time. 
  • Health screening completed by all coaches, volunteers, and swimmers prior to each arrival

Complete guidelines and policies for the 2021 summer season will be provided prior to the start of the season as an addendum to the RSTA Handbook. As we continue to monitor local and state requirements and restrictions, we will adjust our guidelines as necessary to remain compliant and aligned with state and local protocols.


We look forward to seeing you back at the pool soon!


RSTA Board of Directors