Summer Program

The Reston Swim Team Association summer swim program is open to all swimmers between the ages of 6 and 18. The objective and primary purpose of the RSTA is develop and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming. In addition to the development of competitive skills, the RSTA promotes the virtues of good conduct and sportsmanship.

RSTA brings together nearly 900 swimmers from the greater Reston area and these swimmers practice and compete on eight teams. The season runs from late May to the end of July. Youth coaches are assigned to each team.  Many are current or former RSTA swimmers.

There are eight teams sprinkled throughout Reston: Team Listing

Teams are managed by adult volunteers and are coached by youth swimmers (15-18 year olds).  


The summer swim program is open to all swimmers with a league age between 6 and 18.  League Age is based on the swimmer's age as of June 15th of that same year.  Participants are not required to be residents of Reston however participants that are not members of Reston Association will be charged an additional a pool use fee ($80 per individual, max of $160 per family).

Swimmers who are new to RSTA (who are under a league age of 11) are required to undergo a swim evaluation to qualify to participate in the league.



Practices are held every weekday (excluding some holidays) and are broken into two sessions.  The younger groups (8&U, 9/10) swim first and the older groups (11/12, 13/14, 15-18) swim in the second session.  Prior to the end of the FCPS school year, these practices take place between 7 and 8:45pm.  Once the FCPS school year has ended, practices are held in the mornings between 8 and 9:30am.  Practice times vary slightly across teams due to pools schedules.


Dual meets are hosted on Saturday morning from 7:30 to noon.  At each dual meet, swimmers will participate in three individual events and possibly a relay.  There are two league-wide meets: an Individual Medley Meet open to swimmers with 4 legal strokes and the All-Star meet (requires time qualification).


Registration for the summer season typically opens in March and runs through May.

There are two components to the summer swim team registration fee:

  •  RSTA registration fee of $190 per swimmer
  •  RA Pool Use Fee

RSTA Registration Fee

  • This is a per-swimmer fee for up to three eligible swimmers in the family. There is no swimmer fee for the 4th (or additional) swimmer in the family.
  • Registration fee is waived for swimmers hired as an RSTA coach
  • Refunds are only given for a team over capacity, major medical emergencies and relocation of residence of more than 50 miles.

Pool Use Fees

Reston Association (RA) grants Reston Swim Team Association (RSTA) use of their aquatic facilities without an hourly rental charge. To comply with the pool use agreement every swimmer must have a pool pass or pay a user fee, regardless of whether the swimmer uses the pools outside RSTA practices and meets.  RA Members are required to purchase (or renew) a pass for each swimmer by June 1.  Non-members have the option to purchase (or renew) a pass OR pay a fee as shown below.

  • First swimmer $80 fee applied during league registration
  • Second (or more) swimmers $160 fee applied during league registration

RA Membership is defined as the owning or renting of a property for which an annual assessment is paid to RA. There are many communities in our area that bear a ‘Reston’ address while not belonging to Reston Association. Some of these are Stratton Woods, Deepwood, Reston Town Center, Sugarland Run, and areas near Great Falls, VA. Non-members who purchase a Pool & Tennis pass for the swimmer (or family) are not subject to the $80 fee. For those persons who have already registered with RSTA prior to buying Non-member passes, a discount can be applied with proper documentation. The revenue generated by the pass purchase or fee charged offsets the facility use by RSTA which is given in partnership with RA and does not incur an hourly charge similar to other rental groups utilizing the Association’s pools.  

RSTA Refund Policy

RSTA's refund policy is structured to reflect the league's limited space combined with its popularity within the community.  

Refund guidelines are as follows:

  • A full (100%) refund will only be issued in the event of team over capacity, a major medical emergency, or the relocation of a swimmer's residence to more than 50 miles away.
  • If any swimmer withdraws prior to the first practice, a 50% refund will be granted.
  • If any swimmer withdraws after the first practice, NO REFUND will be granted.
  • Exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis for medical refunds and significant moves/transfers. 
  • ALL Refunds will be subject to a $25 administration fee.
  • Refund must be requested in writing and sent to the Registrar at [email protected] 

New Swimmer Evaluations

The New Swimmer Evaluation (“NSE”) is critically important to the league as it ensures the overall safety of the team and of each swimmer. Each NSE session is run similar to a practice, and gives each swimmer the opportunity to demonstrate his/her willingness to swim, safety while in the water, and readiness for the team environment. At the NSE, swimmers are grouped by age and are evaluated as they participate in a simulated swim team practice. Practice activities include:  swimming lengths of the pool in a front crawl/freestyle position as well as in a backstroke/on their backs position; kicking drills and pool entry (diving). Click here to see what a typical practice looks like.

RSTA encourages swimmers to prepare for the NSE.  Participants are not expected to have mastery of the four strokes. Evaluations are conducted in advance of the summer season so that teams can be filled and swimmers are ready to swim on the first practice day (which is the Tuesday after Memorial Day).  The goal of NSE sessions is to ensure that all swimmers are safe and comfortable in the water and that the demands of a 60 minute swim practice at the beginning of the season don’t leave a swimmer overwhelmed or surprised.

At each NSE session, swimmers will check in, be marked with a number and grouped into lanes by age. Parents/caregivers are invited to watch their child(ren) from the observation area but, for safety and evaluation reasons, cannot be on deck or in the pool lobby. Swimmers will be taken to their lanes in groups where a coach will guide them through the simulated practice. Evaluators will identify swimmers by their numbers and will observe their abilities. Families are notified of the evaluation results via email. If a swimmer does not pass a NSE, feedback is provided.  Swimmers are welcome to “try again” at another NSE session.

Financial Aid

RSTA provides financial aid to eligible families.  Those that participate in the programs below are elligible.

  • Fairfax County School Free/Reduced-Price Meals (FRPL), i.e. school lunch program
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), i.e. food stamps

If you have any questions about registration, please feel free to contact the league Registrar at [email protected]