"Every club swimming coach should operate a SwimAmerica Learn-To-Swim program in conjunction with their competitive swimming program.  Afterall, the entry level of our sport really is learn-to-swim lessons"

- Rick Klatt, Head Coach, Fresno Dolphins Swim Team - Fresno, CA

"We have found that the SwimAmerica program provides a good base for entry level swimmers to learn the skills needed to become the competitive athletes for the future.  SwimAmerica has become not only a cornerstone base of our team, but also provides firm financial footing for our club."

-Steve Bialorucki, Head Coach, Old Dominion Aquatic Club - Virginia Beach, VA

"SwimAmerica is a must!  When I started our SwimAmerica program in 1992 I had four goals:

1.  Create a swim lessons program that is far superior to the lessons being offered in our area at the time (quality)

2.  Create a feeder program for our club team

3.  Supplement my own income

4.  Provide an opportunity for our high school and college swimmers to earn money without disrupting their training schedule

The SwimAmerica program moves swimmers along in simple, easy to follow levels that teaches kids to swim the competitive strokes quickly and efficiently.  A head coach running a SwimAmerica program makes perfect sense.  I cannot imagine a program without it"

- Coach Bill Schalz, Schalz Swim School, Inc. - Aurora, IL

"SwimAmerica has allowed us to create the perfect feeder program for our competition program, McGuire Aquatic Club.  Each season we have over 20 lesson swimmers graduate to the swim team.  These swimmers enter our team already knowing the proper technique and terminology on their first day"

- Brian McGuire, Head Coach, McGuire Aquatic Club - Rockford, IL