Our Team

Lions Swim Academy is run by the Aquatics Department and part of the wider Athletic program at Stamford American International School. Located in Woodleigh, Singapore, the school boasts two 8 lane 25m pools equipped with full electronic timing. Ran by 7 full-time coaching staff, the program and many more part-time coaches, the programme continues to grow year on year. The academy has a capacity of nearly 400 swimmers, ranging from afterschool activities through to the competitive school team. Lions Swim Academy is a paid for activity.

Our Philosophy

"To support the aquatic journey through Learning, Development or Performance experiences that will enrich the student-athlete's life."

From one session to nine plus sessions per week, there are plenty of opportunities to train, compete internally or externally. With principles from the Optimal Athlete Development framework, our staff are uniquely positioned to balance cognitive, physical and socio-emotional development of the student-swimmer alongside their academic expectations.

Underpinning our program philosophy are three guiding statements:

  1. “Swimming builds great people.”

  2. “Success is a feeling.”

  3. “Being part of something bigger.”

We believe in starting with ‘why’. Swimming builds great people by fostering lifelong, transferable skills related to; effective time management, setting and evaluating progressive goals that explore, challenging their abilities, coping with the adversities of disappointment and celebrating successes.

We understand that each student-athlete progresses at a different pace and requires opportunity appropriate to their ability level. As such, our coaches individualize training plans and our squad and competition structure offers progression in a timely manner.

Success is seen as a feeling, generated from a variety of sources such as academic achievement, sporting success and character development. Not only do we recognise results, we recognise improvements in all three.

We believe in Lion Pride, where our student-athletes have a sense of belonging to our swim program. We consider Lions Swim Academy to be part of the vital fabric of school life. Feeling part of something bigger is the ultimate aim.

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