TYR Singpore is our preferred equipment partner for swimming. We have set up an exclusive deal for a 30% discount on items ordered by Lions Swim Academy!


How to order equipment

You can visit the TYR Showroom during their office hours and show your student ID.

8, Jalan Kilang Timor, #03 - 13
Kewalram House, Singapore 159305

Alternatively you can download the order form here, fill out the quantity required and submit them to [email protected]

In the email, don't forget to include:

1) Name

2) Mobile Number

3) Delivery Address

All payments will be made via PayNow/Bank Transfer directly to TYR Singapore. Payment and delivery matters will be coordinated directly with TYR Singapore after the order form is submitted. Delivery charges applies for the following order value:

Order Value

Delivery Fee

Below SGD 50.00


SGD 50.00 to SGD 99.00


SGD 100.00 & above

Free Delivery

Required Equipment List

Swimmers are required to have the appropriate equipment for purposes of training, all named with a permanent marker:

  • 2 x Swim Caps. We recommend a Silicone/Plastic Swim Cap rather than a cloth one
  • 2 x Pairs of Goggles
    - We recommend dark/mirrored lenses to shield the brightness from the
    sun. Keep one pair for training and one pair for racing or as a spare.
  • 1 x SwimSuit - 1piece suits for girls, jammers for boys. Bikinis or long shorts are not permitted.


  • 1 x Kick Board- Younger students should purchase a small board.
  • 1 x Pullbuoy - Either junior or senior depending on age​




  • 1 x Pair of Fins
    - Younger swimmers longer blade, older swimmers short blade.





  • 1x Front facing snorkel- Not a scuba snorkel that sits on the side.







  • 1 x Pair of Paddles- We recommend a size only slightly larger than your hand.




  • 1 x Mesh Bag

- To allow equipment to dry.


Required Uniform List

Being part of team involves looking like a team! Swimmers competing for Stamford Lions Swim Academy are required to wear the following team uniform at the competitions:

  • *SLST White T-Shirt (with Blue/red stripe)
  • *SLST Black Shorts
  • *SLST Swim Cap (Blue Cap)
  • All other items are optional 

1. Swimmers may compete in any swim suit they prefer - provided that the material does not extend below the knee for boys and girls, and does not extend past the shoulder down the arms for girls. Bikinis and Rash Guard are inappropriate for training and competiton.

2.FINA Approved Tech Suits are only required to be worn by those swimmers who have qualified for FINA World Cup, National Age Groups and Open National Competitions.


Stamford Lions Swim Academy - Uniform Price List AY 2020/2021    
SLST Silicone Swim Cap $22.00 Required Item for competitions
Strongly recommend  purchasing 2-4 caps
SLST White Lightweight T-Shirt (Student) $35.00 Required Item for Competitions
SLST Basic Black Shorts $30.00 Required Item for Competitions
SLST Red Lightweight T-Shirt (Parent) $35.00 Optional Item
SLST Gym/Hand Towel (50cmx100cm) $17.00 Optional Item
SLST Bath Towel (70cmx140cm) $27.00 Optional Item 
SLST Backpack $82.00 Optional Item