Coaches and Directors

Coaching Staff
Paul Dowey Aquatic Director

Coach Paul is the Aquatics Director at Stamford American. With over twenty years of swim coaching experience Paul has worked throughout the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

Paul is enthusiastic and energetic by nature. Articulate and often talking quickly, he is ‘big picture oriented’ and things tend to become obvious to him very quickly. 

Paul’s coaching experience includes bringing swim teams to international competitions in France, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. He has a BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching and a Post-Grad Diploma in Coaching Science to complement his UK ASA Level 3 Club Coach and New Zealand Silver License accreditations.

Paul is happy to be the spokesperson for new ideas and initiatives that he understands and believes in. He often uses pictures or analogies in his coaching to help with understanding.

As a director he finds himself often juggling several tasks at one time but always gets the job done! He is good at cultivating contacts and has a network of people to call on for virtually anything.

Darren Gum Lead Swim Coach
Coach Darren has over 20 years swim coaching experience in Singapore’s international schools. Darren has been fortunate to spend time with some of Australia's best Olympic swimmers and coaches. Originally from Sydney, Coach Darren as an Australian Born Chinese (ABC) is able to bring together the best of both the Eastern and Western styles of training methodologies. He loves seeing that “aha” moment when swimmers suddenly get it! As a swimmer he coaches with an understanding of knowing how the swimmers are feeling and what are the challengers they may experience. Darren’s motto and catch phrase is “Making every Minute and every Metre Matter”
Heikal Mubarah Learn-to-Swim Manager & Lifeguard

Heikal is our Learn-to-Swim Manager. He is tasked with organising, supervising and delivering high quality swimming lessons at our Lincoln pool as part of the Co-Curriculuar Activities after school. He has been instrumental in building Learn-to-Swim programmes in other International School settings within Singapore. Aswell as experience teaching swimming, he has experience as a lifeguard with Singapore Sports Council.

Khidir Salim Teacher Assistant (Swim Specialist)

Coach Khidir has a logical and pragmatic view towards task and life. He wants to see student-athletes ‘be the best they can be’, not only in sport but their daily lives. Decisive in nature, he is determined to complete things that he starts, this certainly does not stop at the pool! He enjoys being in control, guiding our athletes issuing some clear direction and procedures at Lions Swim Academy.

With 8 years of coaching experience and a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences, Coach Khidir has equipped himself with skills such as Team Management, Team Leadership, Biomechanical Analysis and Critical Thinking.

It’s obvious from this extensive background that Coach Khidir likes to make an impact upon his training group. Being able to measure or see his actions pay off with tangible results keeps him coming back to work each day, excited to see how he can help someone next. If you are part of Lions Swim Academy, no doubt you will feel inspired by his drive and determination.

Derrick Soh Teacher Assistant & Lifeguard
Muhammad Ahmad Assistant Teacher (Swim Specialist)
Board of Directors
Erik Richardson Athletic Director
Sarah Harman Assistant Athletic Director