The Summit Seals Parents Organization (SSPO) is a dedicated group of parents formed to help the coaches and swimmers in their endeavors. We are proud of our team’s history of great parent support. By volunteering, our families are letting their swimmers and the team know they stand behind this program’s goals and efforts. This participation is formalized through the SSPO approved by our YMCA and managed by the Executive Committee. The SSPO also tries to improve conditions for the team and is a resource for many of the team's outside activities: fundraising, apparel, social events, meet coordination, and much more!

The SSPO supports our team in many ways:

-Supporting our coaches

-Helping with the end of season Award Banquet and supporting other team events (e.g., parent social, recognition events, community service projects, pasta party, dual meet team events, etc.)

-Fundraising efforts for our YMCA, SAY National Team, and SAY Sunkissed Championship Team.

-Helping with distribution of team suits and apparel items such as caps, sweats, shirts, towels, etc.


Executive Committee:

President – David Knecht [[email protected]]

Elizabeth Fagan

Jill Johnston

Lydia Wong

Jack Dwyer

Lisa Washburn

Committee Contacts:

Concessions/Hospitality – Amy Maurizi

Dual Meet Teams Coordinator – Amira Padilla

Apparel – Lydia Wong & Kristen Kline

Parent Volunteers - Lisa Washburn & Michelle Moon

Officials - Jill Johnston [[email protected]]

Holiday Relay Carnival – Carol Vargas

National Team Coordinators – Lisa Washburn & Kathy Dwyer

Sunkissed Champs –

Annual Team Pasta Party - Rachel Milun

Team Hotels - Amy Roselle

Parent Social - Elizabeth Fagan

End of Year Banquet – Julie Vlass, Michelle Moon, & Jill Collins


SSPO Meeting Dates:

The meetings are normally held at 7:15pm in the Auditorium at the Summit Y. Any changes to the dates/times will be emailed out to the membership.

September 15th [Agenda] [Meeting Notes]

October 13th

November 17th

December 15th

January 19th

February 16th