Training Philosophy

The Summit Area YMCA swim team follows a progressive age group development model designed to develop children physically, mentally, and emotionally in a systematic fashion. We follow a well-defined, long-term approach through which swimmers gradually increase their degree of commitment. The early years on our team emphasizes the development of technical skills and a love for the sport. As the swimmers grow and mature, the training program and swim meets become more physically and psychologically challenging. While our practice schedule offers flexibility, each group is given specific attendance goals per week. We believe that “too much, too soon" more often proves the cause of failure to achieve maximum potential in senior swimming than the reverse situation. Each child progresses at his or her own rate to reach maximum potential.

Group Placement

Only the coaching staff decides if and where swimmers will be placed on the team. All new swimmers must first try-out according to their age as of 12/1 (YMCA birthday rule). The swimmers will be evaluated on their stroke technique, interaction with others, how well they listen, and their overall physical, mental, and emotional level of development.

8/Unders (ages 6-8)

*This is an entry level group* Swimmers in our 8&Under group can perform at least three of the four competitive strokes and are ready to learn more advanced stroke skills and technique. Swimmers are introduced to racing skills such as dives, turns, and streamlines. Strength and coordination in the water are necessary, but we primarily aim to help these little seals gain confidence, build team spirit, and have fun

Coaches: Head Age Group Coach Ann, Coach Marianne "Mrs. G", Coach Chris, Coach Karen

Junior 1 (ages 9-11)

*This is also an entry level group* Junior 1 swimmers expand upon the foundation they achieved in our 8&Under group and take the next step in more challenging practices. Junior 1 swimmers aim to master stroke technique, improve aerobic endurance, and begin to compete in a wide range of events.

Coaches: Head Age Group Coach Ann, Coach Marianne "Mrs. G", Coach Chris, Coach Karen

Junior 2 (ages 11-12)

Swimmers in Junior 2 will usually have 3 or more years of competitive swimming experience. Swimmers will be encouraged to attend 4 to 5 practices per week as the expectation increases at this age. SSDL (dryland) practice is introduced and swimmers are expected to attend 1 or 2 of the 3 dry-land practice per week.

Coaches: Coach Marianne "Mrs. G", Coach Lou, Coach Chris

Senior Prep (ages 12-15)

The Senior Prep group is the highest level in our Age Group Program and embodies the transition from an age group swimmer to a committed Senior athlete. This group serves as the stepping stone into Seniors and provides a positive team environment where swimming goals are formulated and achieved.

Coaches: Coach Marianne "Mrs. G", Coach Lou, Coach Chris

Senior (ages 14-18)

This is our highest training group designed for swimmers who are committed to swimming in a high level year-round program. This group requires swimmers with the skills, motivation, and commitment to both the team and the high level of training. Senior swimmers spend most of their practice time fine tuning technique, building endurance, and training towards a higher level. Our partnership with SwimStrong Dryland is essential for Senior group swimmers to be able to meet their goals. Swimmers will build strength, flexibility, and coordination that will complement what they do in the water. Each swimmer strives to achieve goals formulated with the highest level of competition in mind, including NJ Y States, YMCA Nationals, and other USA-S championship meets.

Coaches: Head Coach Pat Collins, Coach Andrew, Coach Lou, Coach Marianne “Mrs. G”, Coach Chris, Coach Tim, Coach Amelia