Pacific Swimming
Level 2

 FAQ for the SBA Swim Team


How does my child join the swim team?



    Those interested in joining the swim team should schedule an assessment by contacting our office at [email protected] or by calling/texting



    Swimmers who come through our swim lesson program are automatically evaluated for the swim team as they progress through Level 4.

Upon completing the Level 4 skills they will be invited to join the swim team.


Once my child has completed their tryout what do I need to do?


    Once a coach or our team manager has indicated your swimmer can join, please click on the “JOIN NOW” button on to complete the registration process. You will then be sent a link to register with Pacific Swimming. This allows your swimmer to participate in swim meets.


How do I pay the dues and what are different forms of payment?


    First month dues and annual registration will be collected during registration. 


    Automatic payments can be made by attaching a credit card to your account during the registration process.  Choose “For fees associated with my account” in order to have the funds drawn on the first of each month.  VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER accepted.


When are pool dues to be paid?


    Monthly pool dues are due on the 1st of each month. Automatic debit or credit payments are the method for paying dues. Cards can be placed on file for auto payments during registration or under MY ACCOUNT/Invoices & Payments.  


What if I no longer want my child to be on the team?


    A 2-week written notice is required prior to leaving the team. If you plan to leave the team, you must fill out the “Intent to Quit” or “Request to Suspend” form and turn it into our team manager in the office or via [email protected] Please also have your swimmer notify their coach. If you do not submit the form, prior to the 15th of the month, you are responsible for that month’s dues, whether or not your child participates.


    Any balance or service hours will be considered due upon leaving the team. 


    All past due balances must be current before any swimmer will be allowed to come back on the team at a future date.


    Forms can be found HERE


Does my child need to help with fundraising?


    Every swimmer is required to fundraise. SBA relies on fundraisers to help keep our pool dues lower and to raise money for a specific purpose. They are considered mandatory.


Do I as a parent need to volunteer at swim meets?


    Yes.  If your child attends the meet you will need to serve to time or work in another role that is assigned to our team. Parent serving runs swim meets, and we are all responsible for helping make them happen for our kids. Serving at meets is not optional, even if you plan to buy out your service hours.


What is my family’s obligation to volunteer hours?


    Each Family is required to complete 25 service hours per year (Sept.-Aug.). These hours can be completed at meets, helping with organized events, helping with fundraisers, etc.


    If you choose to not serve, you may buy out your hours at the rate of $50.00 per hour.


    The balance of unworked hours will be billed in August to be paid on September 1.


What if my child joined the team after September?


    If you join later in the season, the number of service hours is prorated to reflect the month you join.


Why do we fundraise?


    SBA is a business with expenses and income like any other business. Our two biggest expenses are coaching payroll and pool rental. We offer fundraising opportunities as a way to offset the high cost of this sport. Remember, your little league coach volunteers for a couple hours a week for a couple of months a year. Swim coaches are on deck 5 days per week, for 2-3 hours, plus swim meets, and are paid for such a commitment. The head coaching job requires full time commitment.


    SBA recognizes that everyone is busy, and fundraising isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. The team will do everything possible to minimize the fundraising necessary. Participation in the fundraisers is MANDATORY. SBA reserves the right to bill an equivalent minimum amount if a family does not participate in an official fundraiser.


What if I want my child to take a Leave Of Absence from the team?


    San Benito Aquatics is a year-round program. Those needing a leave of absence from the team have 2 choices:

  1.  Request to Suspend: This is best if you are leaving for a short time.  You continue to pay 50% of your pool dues, continue to work your volunteer hours, and DO NOT pay registration again upon returning from your leave.

  2. Intent to Quit: Notice required by the 15th of the month prior to leaving.  All volunteer hours to date are due to have been completed or paid at the $50/hour rate.  Upon return to the team, registration will be due again.  Any extras (t-shirt/cap/etc) that may have been included in the initial annual registration will not be received again.  Volunteer hours will be prorated to reflect the hours left in the year to be completed at the time of the swimmers return.


Both forms can be found HERE


Where do I find a copy of the Membership Agreement I agreed to during registration?


    Membership Agreement can be found HERE


Is your club a SAFE SPORT recognized club?


    Yes, SBA is a SAFE SPORT recognized club.  We are proud to put our swimmer’s safety first. You can find more information HERE


Are parents allowed to be on deck?


    Parents and spectators are allowed on deck for the swim team practices. Practice can be observed from the bleachers or the picnic tables. Please do not interupt practice and speak with coaches either before or after practice if needed.  You may come on deck to go to the office.


Are locker rooms available for my swimmer to change before or after practice?


Yes, locker rooms are available at this time. 


Do you practice in the rain?


Yes, we do practice in the rain.  In the event of thunder or lightning we will clear the pool for at least 30 minutes and may be required to cancel practice if the time needed to clear the pool extends past a practice time.


Does my swimmer need their own kickboard and fins?


Yes, SBA athletes are responsible to bring their own equipment to practice.  You can find what equipment your swimmer needs in our team store HERE.


Is there a bathroom available?


    Yes, a bathroom is available for our athletes and staff. 


Does SBA offer private swim instruction?


    Yes, SBA coaches are available for private swim instruction outside of practice time at an additional cost.  All Safe Sport guidelines must be followed. This can be set up through a coach or the office.


Can my swimmer move up a group?


    Once your swimmer meets the requirements for the next group level they will automatically be considered to move to that group. Maturity is a factor in moving up a group level as expectations, intensity, and practice lengths increase at each level. Please ask your coach if you have specific questions about switching groups.