SBU Water Polo Programs

SBU offers several ways that a child can get involved in the sport of water polo:

  • 5-9-year-olds typically start out with our Splashball program;
  • 8-14-year-olds can participate in our Intro to Water Polo program.
  • 8-18 year-olds can join of one of our competitive water polo teams (based on their age).


Splashball —

This is an introductory water polo program for kids ages 5-9. Players may stand on the bottom of the pool and/or use foam noodles to assist them while they become more comfortable treading water and learning how to pass and catch a water polo ball. Kids learn basic water polo skills, meet new friends in a fun environment and gain an understanding of a new sport in a recreational format. Participants must have a basic swimming ability and be comfortable in the water.


Intro to Water Polo —

This is typically for kids age 8-14. Prerequisites are that the child has or is close to having the stamina to tread water for 1 minute and can swim the pool length (deep end) without stopping. Through games and activities, players will learn the basics of water polo such as offense and defensive strategies and skills like passing and shooting the ball. This is a non-competitive, fun program that will give kids more confidence to be in the water and will give them a foundation for the sport if they choose to continue with the club on a competitive team.


10U and 12U Boys and Girls —

These programs accommodate all levels of players. SBU coaches teach basic water polo skills in a fun and safe environment. Each level also includes a tailored fitness program. Scrimmages and tournament games are in integral part of the experience.


14U Boys and Girls (Middle School) —

The 14U program focuses on skill development and game tactics. SBU coaches instruct players in all aspects of the game, and will focus on building a strong foundation in fundamentals, balls skills, conditioning and tactics. Scrimmages and tournament games are in integral part of the experience.


16U and 18U Boys and Girls (High School) —

The high school program caters to all levels of players from beginning to experienced, and focuses on enhancing and strengthening fundamentals, ball skills, conditioning and tactics. SBU coaches offer a curriculum that develops each athlete individually, and as a team player.


Swim Conditioning —

The swim conditioning program is designed for registered SBU water polo players (not including Masters).  The focus is on conditioning to enhance water polo playing abilities.


Masters Coed Program —

The Masters program welcomes men and women who still maintain a passion and enjoyment for the sport of water polo. The program brings together players of all skill levels and is focused on having fun.  It also provides an opportunity for those who want to compete in various tournaments. No experience necessary.  Must know how to swim. SBU will be looking to enter Master's tournaments throughout the year if there is enough interest.


All SBU participants must be insured through USA Water Polo.

A minimum BRONZE level memberships is required to practice (two-week trial participants may enroll in the USA Water Polo trial membership).