Return to club activities following recovery from suspected or confirmed COVID-19:


  • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared or date of positive test;
  • At least 24 hours have passed since last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications; AND
  • Symptoms including cough, difficulty breathing, body ache, and headache have substantially improved (do not need to be completely resolved).
  • All individuals should consult their medical provider prior to returning to athletic activities but formal clearance from a medical provider will not be required.

Contact Tracing:

Once the club is advised of a suspected or confirmed positive COVID-19 case, notification will be provided to individuals exposed during club activities to the suspected or confirmed positive individual starting from 2 days before the onset of illness, or for asymptomatic cases 2 days prior to the date of positive test specimen collection, through the time the suspected or confirmed individual's last exposure to club personnel. 


Exposure Guidance:

Exposure during club activities is considered low-risk as activities are outdoors, social distancing is maintained, and face coverings are required when not in the water. Exposure under these circumstances does not require quarantine or absence from club activities but exposed individuals should self-observe for 14 days. 


Individuals with high-risk or medium-risk exposures are not permitted to participate in club activities during the quarantine and self-monitoring period.






High-risk exposure (Close Contact, or extended contact in a small area with limited ventilation, without a face covering or Direct Contact without appropriate PPE with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 person) requires quarantine for 10 days from date of last exposure and self-monitor through the 14th day. 


Medium-risk exposure (Close Contact while wearing a face coverin or limited contact within a small area with limited ventilation without face coverings with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 person) requires quarantine for 10 days and self-monitoring through the 14th day.


Low-risk exposure (Limited contact outdoors or limited contact within a small area with ventilation with face coverings) self-observe for development of symptoms.