South Bay United Water Polo Club
Parent/Player Code of Conduct


In order for the South Bay United Water Polo club to compete successfully at the highest level, it is essential to recognize that participation in our club is a commitment being made by entire families, not just the players. Therefore, it is important that we outline expectations for players and parents. Please read the following guidelines that players and parents should follow.

All players and parents are required to sign at the bottom of the page and return this form for players to be allowed to participate in any of the club’s activities. Please remember:

Players PLAY
Coaches COACH
Parents CHEER

 Part of the mission of the coaches is to help the players develop into mature, responsible young men and women. Therefore, players should communicate directly with their coaches when issues arise. If the issue remains unresolved after the player and coach speak, a parent may contact the coach. Please do not speak to the coach immediately before, during, or immediately after a game, and never on the tournament pool deck so that the coaches can focus on the game. If the issue remains unresolved after speaking with the coach, the parent may contact the club President, Kurt Fry.

  1. Please remember that players receive direction from the coaching staff. Parents, please no coaching on the pool deck or in the stands.
  2. In the interest of fostering an atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie, players and parents should support fellow team members and refrain from making disparaging remarks about or directed at any of the players, coaches, opponents, or officials. Parents must avoid any physical or verbal confrontations with other parents, coaches, and the players of the club opponents or officials. No player or parent may post disparaging comments with respect to South Bay United, its players, coaches, opponents, or officials on the website, or on other social media.
  3. SBU is a competitive water polo club. Decisions about playing time, travel teams, and all other water polo related matters are made by the coaching staff and are not subject to negotiation with parents. Playing time and travel teams are not determined on an equal basis and are not guaranteed simply by being a club member. However, a player should feel free to discuss his/her status with the coaches at an appropriate time. (We encourage players to discuss their status and communicate with their coaches regularly on their development.)
  4. Players may participate in practices or games if they are registered with South Bay United Water Polo club and are current with their United States Water Polo membership. (The exception to this is for new players who are in a two-week trial period.)
  5. Players and parents are responsible for their own transportation to practices and games. The coaching staff is not permitted to provide transportation of any player to any South Bay United sanctioned activity per USAWP regulation. As a general rule, players should arrive at games at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the game.
  6. Parents, siblings, and friends must not communicate with players and/or coaches during practices or games. The only exception is if there is a medical reason to do so.
  7. Parents should be supportive of their team and players. There will be no negative comments at games, practices, or club functions with regard to any other player or coaches including opposing teams. Please display proper respect and sportsmanship to everyone at all times toward coaches, teammates, officials, and the public, and refrain from any behavior that may discredit, or embarrass the team. Any physical or verbal harassment of others is strictly prohibited. This includes confronting any athlete or coach members in a hostile, disrespectful, or otherwise inappropriate manner.

By enrolling in the South Bay United Water Polo club, we agree to these above guidelines. We understand that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the suspension or removal of my son/daughter from the South Bay United Water Polo club.