Becoming an Official

Why Should I Become a Certified USA-Swimming Official?

1. To become more involved in an activity in which my child loves.

2. To help my child set and reach their personal goals.

3. To help CAC host swim meets.

4. To promote the good name and image of CAC by working at other team’s meets.

5. To have a front row seat at all the sessions I work.

6. To take advantage of the free food provided at the meet's hospitality room.

7. By working at least one session of a meet, my meet expenses (hotel, meals, mileage, uniforms, etc.) are tax deductible.

Swim meets are more than just swimming. Working as an official provides you insight into how meets are organized, what the responsibility of each official is, and why a disqualification occurs. There are numerous officiating positions, each with a varying level of responsibility, so it’s easy to contribute in an area that’s right for you. While opportunities exist to work at every meet (both at home and away) there is no requirement to work, aside from ensuring you satisfy your yearly sessions requirement as prescribed by USA-Swimming. You decide when and at what meets you’d like to work – officiating is an all-volunteer effort. The financial success of CAC is directly related to the successful execution of our home meets, therefore your service as an official directly contributes to the team’s success.