Introduction to Swim Team. Swimmers will learn and improve the swimming skills to be able to join ou Splash group. 

Practice: 2 times a week. 45 minutes


In the splash group swimmers will have the opportunity to learn the very basic swimming skills such as streamline, body positioning, breathing patterns as well as basic freestyle and backstroke technique. The main goal for this group of kids is to introduce them to the aquatic environment in a way where they can have fun while learning to swim.

Practice: 3 times a week. 45minutes



The novice group characterize swimmers whose are able to swim the freestyle and backstroke showing its basic technique. Swimmers at this level will be introduced to the breaststroke and butterfly techniques, including the two hands turn/finish and the breaststroke pull-out. They will also learn how to perform a flip turn for the freestyle and backstroke, as well as the start off the starting blocks. This is the group where swimmers will learn the majority of the swimming skills they will use while moving up to the other training groups.

Practice: 3 times a week. 60minutes



Age group swimming is reserved for swimmers who are able to demonstrate all 4 swimming strokes. Swimmers in this group will be introduced to a training regiment which will allow them to refine every technical swimming skill they learned since they started swimming while developing their cardiovascular capacity. Age group swimmers will learn how to set goals through basic racing skills, practice consistency and time standards achievement.

Practice: 5 times a week. 90minutes



Age Group Elite is reserved for swimmers who are committed to becoming a better swimmer. This group meets 6 days/week for about 2 hours/session. Swimmers in this group will be under a very rigid training regiment and will be expected to attend to practices and swim meets assigned by the coaches.

Practice: 6 times a week. 120minutes



This is the highest level of all training groups and is reserved for swimmers who would like to reach their full swimming potential. Swimmers in this group practice for 2 and ½ hour 6 times per week and are held to the highest level of coaches expectations when it comes to practice performance. Swimmers in this group will be coached to take their swimming to the National and Collegiate level.

Practice: 6 times a week. 150minutes