Canyons JAG 2022 Results!!!

Canyons had amazing success at the June Age Group Championships. As a team we witnessed the great sportmanship of the athletes cheering each other on. The parents cheering on all of the team's swimmers.

The parents and athletes celebrating in new cuts including multiple new Sectional swimmers.


           JAGS 2022 Performance Summary

Top 3 Finishers in an Individual Event

  • Caitlin Brown  200BK/ 800FR
  • Lea Burga 200FR/ 50FL/ 200IM/ 100FL
  • Gabe Eke 100FR/ 50FR
  • Brendan Keating 100FR
  • Jace Lloyd 100BK/ 50BK/ 100FR/ 200FR
  • Aubrey Martin 100BK/ 50FR
  • Aneesh Veeravatnam 200BK/ 100FL/ 100BK
  • Ankith Veeravatnam 50FL/ 50BK/ 100FL


Top 3 Finishers in a Relay Event

Boys 13-14 800M FR Relay Brendan/ Gabe/ Logan/ Aneesh

Boys 13-14 400M Med Relay Aneesh/ Derek/ Gabe/ Brendan

Boys 13-14 200M Med Relay Aneesh/ Derek/ Gabe/ Brendan

Boys 13-14 200M FR Relay Gabe/ Aneesh/ Brendan/ Logan

Boys 13-14 400M FR Relay Brendan/ Logan/ Aneesh/ Gabe

New LCM Time Standards Achieved (Summer JO/ Sectionals/ Futures)


  1. Sophia Blietz 200BK
  2. Caitlin Brown   100BK/ 200FR
  3. Bethany Burga 50FR
  4. Gabe Eke 100FR/ 50FR
  5. Patrick Grant 200BK
  6. Brendan Keating 50FR
  7. Colette Masino 200IM/ 400IM


Sectionals Bonus

  1. Sophia Blietz 100FL/ 200FL
  2. Caitlin Brown   800FR
  3. Bethany Burga 400FR/ 100FR
  4. Samantha Cazares 100BR
  5. Michelle Chambers 50FR
  6. Patrick Grant 50FR
  7. Brendan Keating 200FR
  8. Colson Lloyd 200FR/ 1500FR/ 400FR/ 800FR
  9. Aubrey Martin 200FR/ 100FL/ 100FR/ 100BK


Summer JOs

  1. Goku Hernandez 800FR









Personal Best Times

  1. Cameron Alexander 1500FR
  2. Sophia Blietz 200BK/ 200IM/ 100FL/ 100BK
  3. Caitlin Brown 200BK/ 100FL/ 100BK/ 50FR/ 800FR
  4. Bethany Burga 200FR/ 200BK/ 400FR/ 100FR/ 100BK/ 50FR
  5. Lea Burga 200FR/ 100BK/ 50FL/ 200IM/ 100FR/ 100FL 100% drops
  6. Kristopher Cabellero 200BK/ 400FR/ 800FR
  7. Samantha Cazares 200BR/ 100BK/ 100BR
  8. Michelle Chambers 50FR/ 100BR
  9. Logan Divine 200FR/ 100FL/ 100FR/ 50FR
  10. Gabe Eke 200FR/ 200IM/ 100FL/ 100FR/ 50FR/ 100BR 100% drops
  11. Patrick Grant 200BK/ 100BK/ 50FR
  12. Nadia Hartounian 200FL
  13. Goku Hernandez 800FR
  14. Danielle Ino 50FR
  15. Jessica Jin 100FL
  16. Brendan Keating 200FR/ 200IM/ 100FL/ 100FR/ 50FR/ 100BR 100% drops
  17. Victoria Lawrence 100FL
  18. Colson Lloyd 200FR/ 200BK/ 1500FR/ 400FR/ 100BK/ 800FR 100% drops
  19. Jace Lloyd 100BK/ 400FR/ 50BK/ 100FR/ 200FR/ 50FR 100% drops
  20. Aubrey Martin 200FR/ 200BK/ 100FL/ 100FR/ 100BK/ 50FR 100% drops
  21. Colette Masino 200IM/ 100FL/ 400IM
  22. Derek Rioveros 200BR/ 100BR
  23. Dustin Saguros 200FR/ 100FL/ 100FR/ 50FR/ 100BR
  24. Aneesh Veeravatnam 200FR/ 400FR/ 100BK
  25. Ankith Veeravatnam 200FR/ 100BK/ 50BK/ 100FR/ 100FL