A) Payment Options
All payments must be made via credit card or debit card.  The process will work as follows:   When you register for the first time you will open/create an account with Canyons on our secured server.   A credit card or debit card must be placed on file at that time. On the twenty-first(21st) of each month you will be invoiced for your tuition, family commitment and any meet fees you have incurred (see below). This invoice will be sent to you via e-mail and be available for review on your account. Canyons does not accept tuition payment by check. On the first(1st) of each month the invoice you received on the twenty-first(21st) will process and your card will be charged.   Once you register for the first time, you will be automatically re-registered each month.  There is absolutely nothing you need to do except read your invoices.
B) Payment Methods
Canyons Aquatic Club only accepts credit card, debit card or direct checking account withdrawal payments for tuition and other payments.  We cannot accept personal checks, money orders or cash.
All payments are done on-line.  
We understand there are those who are still concerned about identity theft and on-line purchases. The alternative to not using your personal credit cards or debit cards is a prepaid debit card. This is a safe way to pay for Canyons tuition or any other on-line purchase.  The card is not linked to your bank account or any credit cards and your risk/exposure is non-existent.
C) Payment Security
To learn more about Team Unify and their security measures, click: here.
D) Credit For Illness
Credit for illness will only be considered once a swimmer is out for two weeks or more and a doctors note MUST be brought to the office at the time of the request.  The credit will be for no more than two(2) weeks, no matter the length of time the swimmer is out. We will hold a swimmers spot in his/her class for no longer than 4 weeks (this includes the first two weeks a swimmer is out).  At the end of four(4) weeks if a swimmer is not able to come back, we will suspend the account.  Swimmers are allowed two credits maximum per swim year - September through August.
E) Discounts
Canyons Masters recognizes the following groups for discounts: Canyons Aquatic Club Parent/Alumni, City of Santa Clarita Employee, County of Los Angeles Employee, College Students, and Senior Citizens. Please provide appropriate documentation or proof of emplyment or membership to these discounted groups before your first day of practice.
F) Proration
Competitive Team and Master prorations for late enrollment begin after the mid point of the session. Swimmers enrolling before the mid-point must pay all full fees. Prorated fees are determined by the Canyons Office Staff and are not negotiable.
Swim School prorations are automatic at time of registration.
G) Refunds
Canyons Aquatic Club will not offer refunds once payment has been processed. However, in extenuating situations, the Canyons Office Staff will review written requests on an individual basis. Refunds or prorations will be considered for extenuating circumstances only. Usually outside documentation (a Doctor’s note) is required. Only Monthly Tuition will be refunded. Other fees will not.
H) Late Fee Policy
Enrollment is not complete without payment. In the event your payment is declined, please make an immediate alternate payment.  If an alternate payment is not made within 5 weekdays after the swimmer has joined the session, a $25 late fee will be added to the account and your swimmer will be kept out of the water.
Late fees will increase every week(7 days) to: fourteen(14) days - $50.00, twenty-one(21) days $75.00, twenty-eight(28) days $100.00. Canyons will make every attempt to contact you via e-mail if there is a registration problem but the onus is on you to make sure your account is in order.
Per our bylaws, if you are over thirty(30) days late please notify the office regarding options. If you have not, we will suspend your account, once paid, your swimmer may go on a wait list if no spot are available for their group. 
Swimmers who are late three(3) times in a swim year will need to pay the remainder of the short or long course season if full.
Deactivated swimmers will lose all club privileges and will be placed at the end of the wait list (if any) for readmission to the program.
I) Detachment From The Club
Swimmers who are not registered with Canyons Aquatic club surrender all privileges that come with Canyons Aquatic Club membership including the right to attend lessons, practice and special events regardless of when they left the club.  The only exception would be swimmers who have graduated and are in college with a college USA Swimming membership. Competitive Team and Swim Lesson members who take a break from the club are welcome to return at any time.  If returning after more than six(6) months, a new swim assessment test will be required.  
J) Termination
If you choose to leave the club, you must notify the Canyons Office in writing, [email protected] They will deactivate your swimmer and insure that no further payments will process. All communication on date of termination will cease. Telling your coach or instructor will not terminate your account. It has to be in writing. Termination without a medical note will be effective the next month. If you fail to notify the club that you are no longer attached, you will continue to be charged until we are able to determine that you are no longer associated with the club. You must notify office by the 25th of the month prior to termination or if notified after billing on the 1st of the month there will be a $20 administration fee assessed. 
If your swim membership is terminated by the Board Of Directors for disciplinary reasons, you will not receive a refund for the portion of the month missed.