CASSL: Clemson Area Summer Swim League

Clemson Aquatic Team helps run a small summer league team with the Clemson Pool Tiger Sharks and the Country Walk Waves. Summer swim teams are a great way to introduce young swimmers to swim meets without the stress and pressure that large natatoriums and crowds can bring. We allow all of our 12&under swimmers to compete in these summer league swim meets and welcome any swimmers ages 5-12 to join our team from May-July. For more information about our CASSL membership, please contact [email protected].

Meets are always held on Saturday mornings at one of the three local pools. These meets normally begin around 8am and are finished before noon. Parents are asked to time when able, but are given snacks and water.


Tentative 2022 Meet Schedule:

July 9: Hosted by the Tiger Sharks at Clemson Pool. Meet information. Meet sign-ups.

July 16: Hosted by the Waves at the Country Walk Pool

July 23: Hosted by CAT at Central Clemson Rec Center