MAY 31
Time: 12:00 AM
EIN: 57-1028604
Mary Beth Kurz-Edsall Email
CAT is asking for your help! With this very difficult and uncertain time both present and ahead; many small businesses, youth organizations and sports teams are searching for answers and methods to remain stable and steadfast. CAT is reaching out to any and all that can contribute; we realize this is an uncertain time for everyone, both local and national; any amount will definitely help us continue to offer incredible programming,coaching and community involvement once this public health crisis has subsided. If you can help financially or even by just sharing our fundraising goals to others; all of us here at CAT sincerely appreciate your efforts and aid at this time. To all reading this, stay safe and stay positive in these troubled times. Ever forward.

Be well, be healthy, be gracious.

#O.A.R. Ownership. Attitude. Respect.