CAT Tales- State Week edition

Kavita Borsum
Feb 10, 2019

From the Board: 

We are still looking for volunteers to lead the Swim A Thon event and also the Chair of Fundraising. We have people who are interetsed to help but need a leader.  Please contact  with any questions.

Coach's Corner
GOOD Evening CAT!
I hope this email finds you doing well and everyone is having a marvelous weekend. The first Sunday without football is always a tough one, BUT to be honest, if I was the NFL I wouldn't want to compete with South Carolina Short Course State Championships either!!! Time for some swimming under the lights!!!
Short Course State Meet: Is happening this weekend. Beginning Friday 2/15/19 in Greenville, SC at the Westside Aquatic Center. This year, CAT is bringing 26 athletes from ALL age groups to the meet. That is almost a full quarter of the team! Way to go everyone! This will be a fantastic weekend for all swimmers involved, some going for the first time and our graduating seniors competing for their last time in the short course state meet. 
Graduating Seniors please remember, there is a ceremony in your honor, hosted by the LSC and MC'd by a pretty good guy I know, on Sunday evening before finals begin. Even if you're not competing in the meet, please come and be recognized by the LSC. (Parents/siblings/friends you are welcome to bring gifts/flowers/etc that we will present the athletes as they parade around the pool).
Have a great week of practice everyone, let's get fired up!!! 
Practice Updates: We will have practices this week, Monday-Friday. There are some changes this week, please check your email if you are in Adv Juniors and Senior Groups.
Masters there is normal Tuesday/Thursday morning swims. 
There is NO Saturday Practice for anyone. 
Next week, Monday 2/18 we will have normal workouts for all groups. Tuesday 2/19 is a FULL DAY OFF, no workouts for anyone. Normal schedule will resume 2/20/19 Wednesday. 
Upcoming Meets: 8 and Under Champs and Palmetto State Champs are available for sign up on our website. ****Palmetto State Champs; IMPORTANT UPDATE**** Will not be held in Rock Hill, SC any more. There have been mechanical failures that will prevent them from being able to host a meet of that size. Once I have more information with regards to where it will be I will let everyone know. The Dates will NOT be changing, it will be the same weekend, just different city. 
I encourage all athletes, of all ages to sign up for Palmetto Champs, it really is an incredible weekend of swimming and opportunity for your young people. The atmosphere, experience and teamwork during a weekend like this cannot be simulated in any other way than competition. 
TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!! Look around your class room, your office, your work groups, wherever; folks are missing because they are getting sick. Wash your hands, wash your dishes, keep your sheets and towels fresh and clean, lots of Vitamin C; all these things can HELP keep you healthy and on a normal routine. With the weather unsure of it being spring or still winter, make sure you are dressing appropriately as well. The flu, strep, even the common cold can sideline you for days, and your body will take weeks to get back to 100%. 
#O.A.R its a commitment, not a catch phrase. 
Stay Frosty,
Big Show