CAT Tales - A lot of Information

Kavita Borsum
May 12, 2019

Board News:

The next CAT BoD meeting will be Thursday May 23 at 5 pm in Freeman 123.

Swim A Thon Update:

Swim-a great turnout for our Swim-a-thon fundraiser this Saturday! Details about the swimming is in the Coach's Corner below.

With your help, we are 5,572 steps (and dollars!) closer to securing the required funding to proceed with the pool feasibility study. We will also be able to donate 5% of the total raised to the USA Swimming Foundation.  

Though the actual Swim-a-thon is behind us, there is still plenty of time to make a donation and to pay your pledge amount. You will receive an email showing the number of laps your swimmer completed and you can simply visit our CAT Homepage to make your gift online or check our progress.  

Additionally, Mary Beth has written the number of laps for your swimmer on the pledge envelopes. They will be at Fike after May 13th so that you can collect pledges made per lap or seek out new donations from family and friends. We are asking that all pledges, online, check or cash, be made/collected and returned to your Coach by Friday May 24, 2019. 

Thanks again to all the Coaches, swimmers, parents, families and friends who supported this important Swim-a-thon event. Together, we can make the dream of keeping, and even expanding best-in-class aquatics in Upstate SC, a reality!   

Fundraising - other opportunities
Team - between the GoFundMe, the Swim-a-thon and other methods, we have raised over $10K for the Feasibility Study - and likely, the total is closer to $12K - nearing half of the expected cost of the Study. Many of you have mentioned work programs that provide matching funds - and the CAT Board has recently figured out how some of you might be able to help in that manner! If your company (like Itron) uses Benevity for charitable giving and matching, please look for CAT! If your company uses another mechanism - let us know and we can look into working with that program as well! If your company matches volunteer hours with donations, we would love to help you report on your volunteer hours! Please email Mary Beth Kurz-Edsall at  with any questions!

How to check your Volunteer Hours 

When you are logged into the TeamUnify website:

My Account > $My Invoices/Payments > Service Hours. 

You may need to scroll to right to see the hours for each job.

 In general, we assume an obligation of 50 hours for a full membership year per family. Your obligation may vary based on when your family members joined.

Death Valley Open Water T- Shirt CAT TEAM Pre-Order:

ORDERS DUE by May 22nd at 5pm. Pick up will be June 7th at the lake during practice and also on June 8 during the event. Cost of shirts will be added to your account.

Residents of Clemson and CAT families: City of Clemson Town halls
The Clemson City Council will be hosting a variety of Town Hall meetings to seek input from residents on a variety of topics. These meetings will be offered at a variety of times and locations: 

May 16th, 8:30am - 10am, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
*Parking for this meeting will be available in the gravel lot*
May 23rd, 6:30pm - 8pm, Littlejohn Community Center
May 28th, 6pm - 7:30pm, Nettles Park
June 11th, 2:30pm - 4pm, Clemson Downs 
At the first two meetings last week, supporters of CAT have described how having an aquatic facility in the area is important. Benefits to the community will include increased water safety and swimming awareness through learn-to-swim programs, aquatics-based health and wellness for all ages, access to practice space for Daniel High School, the ability for local schools like Daniel to host high school meets, and the ability to of course continue CAT's economic impact on the City of Clemson. This is not to downplay the benefits to CAT and the larger community - but the audience is the City of Clemson City Council. 
FINALLY- Coach's Corner
Good Sunday to you all. I hope this email finds you all doing well this incredible Sunday in the upstate. 
Before we get started with the CAT business. To all the Mom's on the team I wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for everything you do, everyday; often without any sort of acknowledgement or recognition. I sincerely hope you all have an incredible day, one that is relaxing and full of fun, family and fond memories. Enjoy!
Swim-A-Thon was an incredible and resounding success on all levels. The engagement from the team, the volunteerism, great support and FANTASTIC turn out CAT just held what I would comfortably say as it's most successful Swim-a-thon to date. Certainly since I've been involved.  CAT had 65 members participate, including parent members, masters swimmers and coaches all taking the plunge and swimming to help us 'Build a Dream' not only for CAT but for the community at large. Yesterday CAT swimmers completed 9170 lengths of the pool for a grand total of 229250 yards!!!! Nearly a quarter million yards swum by CAT yesterday. Way to go everyone. So very proud of the incredible efforts in and out of the pool!
Practice Updates
Normal workouts this week for Monday-Friday. Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday morning workouts are normal. There is NO Friday morning workout this week, senior group will practice at 5:15 on Friday afternoon at Fike. 
Saturday Morning is TBD at this point, please stay tuned for that. 
Lynn Williams Invitational hosted by Rock Hill Rays: is coming up this week, there will be a meet update coming later in the week. For now however, Swimmers MUST bring their own chairs to the meet, should they wish to sit off the ground. I will have a large tent for our team there, for shade and cover. More information to come. 
Death Valley Open Water: Is coming up VERY quickly. There will be many emails coming in the next few weeks with regards to this incredible competition, please be on the lookout for them. There will be a HUGE need for volunteers, if you have any questions about how you can help, please be sure to get in touch with Erica Walters, our volunteer coordinator. If you are interested in being on the water, kayak or power boat, please get in touch with Curt Edsall. 
Ever Forward Thank you all for your great support of CAT and it's great program here in the upstate. Though we have been faced with many challenges recently there remains incredible work and enthusiasm displayed by this membership each and everyday. Well done all; continue the drive and the efforts in the weeks, months and years to come. 
#O.A.R. is more than a hashtag, it's a commitment. To self, each other, team and community. 
Stay Frosty,
Big Show