CAT Tales May 26 2019

Mary Beth Kurz-Edsall
May 26, 2019

Board News:



The site electionrunner is being used (instead of BallotBin). An invitation was sent to the email associated with your CAT membership from

Candidates are:

  • Vice-chair: Bridget Trogden, parent of Jacob Lawson (junior)
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Pullen, parent of Hagan Pullen (hydrotiger)
  • At-large members (2 positions)
    • Wright Henry, parent of Curtis (junior)
    • Lauren Russell, parent of Ellie Russell (junior)
    • Kerry Tucker, parent of Grady (junior) and Natalie (advanced junior)

 Death Valley Open Water

This meet, like any other CAT hosts, is only as good as the volunteers. To be honest (this is Mary Beth, meet director speaking here), this meet is not looking so great. What will make it great?

  1. Signup for a job. If you have told Mary Beth that you want a job and it is not already assigned to you – please sign up 😊
  2. Make sure our swimmers are safe! This is done by several roles. One is kayaker volunteers. Help as a kayaker / boater here (we will credit you in volunteer hours):
  3. It is important that the swimmers have hydration and calories upon exiting the lake. This is managed by the Athlete Hospitality chair. It is open. If it is not filled, it falls on the meet director to do this (too).
  4. Make sure our safety volunteers have food and water. The job of Officials / Kayaker Hospitality chair helps with this. It is open. If it is not filled, it falls on the meet director to do this (too).
  5. Help as an official (we will credit you in volunteer hours):

How to check your Volunteer Hours 

  1. When you are logged into the TeamUnify website:
  2. My Account > $My Invoices/Payments > Service Hours. 
  3. You may need to scroll to right to see the hours for each job.
  4.  In general, we assume an obligation of 50 hours for a full membership year per family. Your obligation may vary based on when your family members joined BUT the “standard” amount for a full year’s membership is 50 hours per family (regardless of how many family members are in CAT).

T-Shirt Swap

This is an opportunity to spread the old-school CAT love. Bring your t-shirts (clean please) to practice and Big Show will collect them for sale at the Open Water meet!

Coach's Corner

Hello CAT,

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you. I hope you have some opportunity to relax and enjoy the long weekend. Lots of things to be thankful for this weekend.

Practice Updates: 

No practices on Monday.

Tuesday normal afternoon practices. No morning though.

Wednesday will be a lake practice day (times don't change, we will meet at the rowing beach on campus) 13-14 there is still morning workout, and the afternoon is available to you as well come at 430pm 

Thursday morning and afternoon are normal

Friday morning normal at ccrc. Senior group the lake workout is open to you as well. Come at 430pm. 

Friday afternoon at the lake as well (normal times for all groups)

Saturday morning TBD at this time.

***parents we will need a few volunteers to paddle kayaks and the like while in the lake for these practices. Please help us keep these kids safe while getting some great open water work in!***

DVOW MEET SIGN UP: closes on Tuesday May 28th. There will be NO late sign ups permitted. This is truly a one of a kind competition please get signed up!!

YSSC FIRECRACKER: has been posted and updated as well. This is one of our final opportunities to compete in the summer season. 

Enjoy the weekend. 

Stay Frosty,

Big Show