Cat Tales

Kavita Borsum

Board News: please read the attachment regarding Fike entrance. 

Coach's Corner
Hello CAT,
There is a TON of information in this week's CAT Tales. Please pay attention. 
Practice Updates: Please remember we are at FIKE on Clemson's campus for the next two weeks. The schedule for this week is below. 
Monday 12/2/19: Juniors 4-5, AJ/Senior 4:15-5:45pm
Tuesday 12/3: HT 4-5, Juniors 4:45-5:45, AJ/Senior 4:15-5:45pm
Wednesday 12/4: HT 4-5, AJ/Seniors 4:15-5:45pm
Thursday 12/5: HT 4-5, Juniors 4:45-5:45, AJ/Senior 4:15-5:45pm  
Friday 12/6: Juniors 4-5, AJ/Senior 4:15-5:45pm  
Saturday 12/7: Juniors 9-10, AJ/Senior 9-10:45am
***parking on campus is very limited and they will be enforcing those rules. IF you do not have an employee/resident/faculty parking pass, you can get visitor passes from the University Parking Services office. They know who we are at CAT, they will be able to help you out. PLEASE be aware of where you park, and know that you must have a pass of some kind if you park on campus. There is metered parking available at the front of Fike as well.***
Rules for Locker Rooms at Fike: Athletes and Parents, we are allowed to use the locker rooms during our time at Fike, we will allow for changing and using the rest rooms during these few weeks, there will be NO showers after practice is over, please change as quickly as possible post workout and we will leave the facility as quickly as possible. 
Parents and Athletes we are guests once again at Fike: Please be courteous, respectful and aware when we are in Fike. No monkey business on the sun deck, scooters/bikes/etc etc. Thank you for your attention in this matter. 
Snowflake Invitational hosted by Rock Hill Rays: The deadline for sign up for this meet is tomorrow, 12/2/19 at 11:59pm. We only have a few athletes signed up for this event so far; we have always had a strong group of athletes and families attend this meet. It is a great competition, the FINAL one of 2019, yes New Year's is about a month away now. Let's get a show of force going for Rock Hill! If you have any questions please let me know. 
Tuesday Holiday Parade City of Clemson: Much of downtown and some surrounding roads will be closed beginning early afternoon on Tuesday, please be aware of this shift in traffic patterns and plan accordingly. The parade will start at 6:00pm, please know this will affect the traffic in and around town. 
Flu and Cold Season: Is most definitely upon us. I read regularly (and see it on campus) folks of all ages are getting sick. Help yourself and others around you by being smart and healthy. Wash your hands, don't share drinks or food, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough and so on. Also, flu shots can also be a great idea(I got one this year!). It is everyone's responsibility to be and stay healthy. Water can be a vector of transmission for many microbes/germs; the chlorine definitely helps, but if you are sick please be sure to tell your parents and/or inform the coaches. I've seen it before, a simple cold can absolutely side line an entire team, please be smart! If you have a question please let me know. 
#O.A.R. we are all in this together. Commit and excel. 
Stay Frosty,
Big Show