CAT Tales 9/20/20

Suzannah Eleazer
Coach's Corner
Hello CAT! 
I hope this email finds each of you doing well this great Sunday in the upstate. What incredible weather we find ourselves with after the soaking tropical storm Sally that we had earlier this week. I hope everyone made it through while being dry and no serious damage done to anyone's property or selves!
Practice Updates:
What an incredible week of practices we have had this past week. I am so proud of our athletes and coaches for another great week of practices at 'The Rec'. I've come to start calling our new home pool by that name. 
Exceptional job with the training and the COIVD preparations and considerations by all the athletes. I've been very impressed with how well our return to training has been. I know our first official opportunity to compete may be a ways off, however, each and every day we get to work together is an opportunity to grow in swimming but more importantly in self as well. Proud of all of you, keep up the great work.
We will have normal practices this week. Including a Saturday workout for Adv Juniors/Senior Group. (Probably 8:15-10:15am, will confirm this week).
During even the most ideal and smooth of swim season, communications are critical. If there are problems, issues, questions or anything otherwise please be sure to reach out to me. I cannot address issues or come up with solutions if I do not know that they exist. 
For those that have seen or are fans of Jerry Maguire; 'Help me, help you.'
Also, a friendly reminder, if you have not yet downloaded the OnDeck app, please do so and verify your phone number so that you can stay up to date on all the practice updates and news from the team. 
#O.A.R. When we all pull together, we arrive at the destination together faster. Together, we can do anything. 
Stay Frosty,
Big Show