Drylands practice March 3, 2018

Clemson Aquatic Team: Propelling personal and community growth through aquatics
Our Mission: Clemson Aquatic Team enriches, encourages, and develops swimmers through competitive excellence in the pool and in life. 

Do you think you'd like to swim for CAT? You'll need Swimmer Evaluation Information and information about the Age Group Training Squads, unless of course, you are interested in the Master's Group.

Either way, you'll want to know about our Practice Schedule and Swim Fees and Volunteer Requirements. Please see the Volunteer Handbook for an overview of various volunteer opportunities.

How fast do we swim? Check out our Team Records.

How fast do we want to swim? Check out the State Cuts and Motivational Times.

What do wear when we compete? Our team suits and other equipment can be found at the Team Store.

Need to take a break from CAT or return after a break? To take a break, you must inform us at [email protected] with 30 days notice; participating in a meet or practice during a month results in the charge for that month standing. 

This document provides the information for the Team Registration Process and contains all the verbiage for that agreement.