Training Groups

The Clemson Aquatic Team offers a variety of training levels for all athletes. From the novice swimmer to the most advanced, CAT is able to provide the education and training needed for athletes to achieve their goals.

The Head Coach approves all group assignments based on his expertise.

As the athletes progress in their training and ability, they will be promoted to the next level training group. Each progressive training group will require more time of the athletes and their families to insure continuity in training and continued achievement. While evaluations are ongoing daily, group moves will be made after the spring champs season (end of March) and after the summer champs season (end of July) unless unique circumstances present themselves. Families will always be contacted before moves are made.

For our new and novice younger swimmers. A heavy focus with this group on stroke technique, with the goal being four legal strokes; freestyle backstroke breaststroke and butterfly. Lots of teaching, drills and fundamental work to the sport of swimming. Come get your feet wet and learn with your friends about what swimming can offer! Swimmers need to have a basic understanding of the sport, able to swim freestyle and be comfortable in the water. 

Age: 9 and under (10 years old if first year of USA Swimming)
Equipment Requirements: Kickboard, training fins, cap (if desired), goggles, water bottle and swim suit
Attendance: 2 out of the 3 practices offered each week
Meets: Encouraged, especially local meets and the CAT hosted meets!

Swimmers must be able to complete a 100 IM legally. This group focuses on proper technique and details as well as a strong emphasis on strengthening our kick. We will introduce goal setting and strongly encourage swimmers to attend as many meets as possible.

Age Range: 9-12 years old and by coach’s invitation.
Equipment Requirements: Kick board, long fins, snorkel, nose clip, goggles (2 pairs), and a team cap.
Attendance: 3 practices out of the 4 offered weekly.
Meets: Encouraged, especially the CAT hosted and local competitions

Advanced Juniors
Swimmers in this group are able to swim a 200 IM legally. The goal of the swimmers in AJ will be to continue to build strong stroke technique and gain endurance and competitive training  

Age Range: 11-14 and by coach’s invitation.
Equipment Requirements: The use of equipment is very important for our everyday use while training. Please be sure to have all equipment present on pool deck when you arrive at the pool for maximum efficiency at practice. Tempo trainers, snorkels, kickboards, long fins, paddles, pull buoy, water bottle, goggles (2 pairs), and a team cap.
Meets: Strong encouraged, the goal is to have all age group athletes participating in meets.
Attendance: Swimmers in this group will have 4 possible opportunities to attend practice, with a bonus practice on Saturday if the swimmer has attended at least 3 of four days. 


For those athletes that have made the commitment to swimming as their sport and activity. The goal is to refine stroke technique to maximum efficiency and blend in speed and conditioning to allow for high performance at competitions. Rigorous training every day and wide use of equipment and conditioning methods to supplement the swimming portion of training. Morning and afternoon training sessions offered and strongly encouraged for best results. This group helps to show young people the skills and abilities for personal growth and development in AND out of the pool.

Age Range: 9th grade and older, and by coach's invitation
Equipment Requirements: 
Kick board, training fins (short and long), tempo trainer, snorkel, pull buoy, paddles (two sets, one large, one small), water bottle, cap, goggles. Drag Suits are encouraged, for both boys and girls, but not required. Nose clip; encouraged but not required. (for backstroke work)

Attendance: 85% of practices offered, 5 or more practices a week
Meets: Highly recommended, this is a competition driven training group; meets are a priority for athletes in this group.


**All training requirements assume normal training weeks (no meets or football @Clemson)**