CAT Practice Schedule:  After 10/10/2020

All Swimmers, returning and new, must be registered BEFORE the coaches can allow your swimmer in the water for practices.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Hydrotigers   4-5 pm 4-5 pm 4-5 pm    
Juniors   4-5 pm 4-5 pm 4-5 pm 12&U: 4-5:30 pm  
Advanced Juniors 4:30-6 pm   5-7 pm 5-6:30 pm

12&U: 4-5:30 pm

13&O: 5:30-7:30pm

8:15-10:15 am
Senior 6-8 pm 5-7 pm 5-7 pm 6:30-8 pm 13&O: 5:30-7:30pm 8:15-10:15 am
Masters TBD          
High School Prep 4:30-6 pm 5-6:30 pm   5-6:30 pm 4-5:30 pm  
CASSL   4-5 pm 4-5 pm 4-5 pm    


*** In light of uncertain circumstances regarding COVID-19, there is a possibility that these schedules may change with little notice. Please ensure your cell phone number is accurate in registration AND please download the OnDeck App to be up to date.***

**Saturday morning workouts will not be held on days when Clemson University has a home football game.**

Suggested Practice Frequency:

HT: 2-3 per week

J: 3-4 per week

AJ: 4-5 per week

S: 5-6 per week



Zoom Dryland Schedule


To offer more opportunities for our swimmers to improve in the pool and connect with their teammates, we are bringing back our dryland program from the summer. Zoom Dryland is included in your CAT membership, and will be run by Coach Frances and Coach Cris. We will have two live workouts and two recorded workouts each week.

Below is our weekly schedule:


Monday: Live workout 4-5pm

  • Geared more toward the 12&under athletes

Tuesday: Recorded workout (emailed out by noon)

  • Advanced Juniors and Senior group only

Thursday: Recorded workout (emailed out by noon)

  • For all athletes

Saturday: Live workout 11-12pm

  • For all athletes

Be on the lookout for Zoom session invites in your email inbox!