CAT Member Obligations 2022-2023 (one sheet summary)

2022-2023 CAT Age-Group Biannual (aka Semester) Rates


Semester 1: Sept-Jan

Semester 2: Feb -July





Adv Juniors





2022-2023 CAT Age-Group Monthly Rates (Sept – July)





Adv Juniors





Age-Group Swimmer Additional Requirements

USA Swimming Membership

$98 per swimmer, paid directly to USA Swimming

Registration Fee

$125 per swimmer

Covers CAT fixed costs: swim caps, t-shirts, team banquet, insurance, administration, etc.

Spring Fee

$125 per swimmer

Assessed in February based on team financial needs. Can be lowered at Board discretion. Can be offset with fundraising.

Volunteer Obligation

50 hours per family. There are 2 options:

1.    Pay $500 at registration

2.    Volunteer at meets, social events, or in other roles.

Obligation is pro-rated based on membership length if joining later or leaving the team as well as Team Meet Hosting Opportunities. 

Shortages will be charged $20/hour on Aug 1, 2023.


CAT College & Masters


Other Fees

College Year-Round

Monthly: $200

Semester: $990

USA Swimming: $98

Registration: $125

Spring Fee: $125

College Winter Only

     (Dec and Jan)

Total Cost: $400



Monthly: $105

Semester: $520

USMS: separate

Registration: $80

Spring Fee: $80



Financial Need (Outreach Families): please contact [email protected] for qualification and rates.


Discontinue/Pause Membership: Any swimmer or parent that wishes to discontinue membership, pause membership, or change their membership model must email [email protected] with 30-day notice. Refunds will not be issued if communication is not received in a timely fashion. 



Multi-Swimmer Family Discounts (not applicable to Outreach Families)

Families with two or more swimmers receive discounted dues

1st swimmer pays full dues (applied to highest fee payer)

2nd swimmer receives a 5% discount (applied to second highest fee payer)

3rd swimmer receives a 10% discount (applied to third highest fee payer)

4th swimmer and subsequent swimmers are free, in addition to the discounts for the second and third swimmer (applied to 4th and later highest fee payer)