If you are interested in joining CAT, please contact [email protected] to set up a new swimmer evaulations for the 2021-2022 season. All swimmers who have not been active with CAT in the previous year must be evaluated before registering for any age group training squad. Evaluations should take around 15 minutes to complete. Swimmers should be in a swimming suit, and bring goggles and a swim cap if desired.

Minimum Swimming Requirements:  Your athlete must be at least five years of age, be comfortable in the water, and swim at least two lengths of the pool.

Our Head Coach will place your child into one of the Age Group Training Squads at the evaluation. Before your child can attend practice, he/she needs to be registered and bring a copy of the child's birth certificate to the coaches.

Two Week Trial (not applicable to lessons):  If you or your child are wondering if swimming is for you and your family, we offer a 2-week trial with registration.  You must complete the entire registration process.  Choose to pay with a check and bring the check to the pool.  We will hold the check until you make your decision.  If you decide not to continue after 2 weeks, your check will be destroyed or returned without being deposited.

Please note that the two week trial is not a fee-free two weeks; you will be charged for an entire month if you do join CAT.