2022-2023 CAT Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/15/22 - 7/15/23

Open for New Members

8/15/22 - 7/15/23


Welcome to the Clemson Aquatic Team (CAT) electronic registration for the 2022-2023 swim season!  Founded in 1978, CAT is a year-round, parent owned swim team.  There are training groups for novice competitive swimmers, groups for swimmers with varying degrees of competitive swimming experience, and a US Masters Swimming training group for adults (fitness, triathletes, or competitive adult swimmers).  The team currently practices from September - July at Central Clemson Recreation Center (CCRC). 

Both returning swimmers and new swimmers must register through the online registration portal.   Please follow the instructions to register for the swim season. 

Minimum Swimming Requirements:  Your athlete must be able to swim at least a length of the pool in two different strokes, and be comfortable in the water.  If your child was a member of CAT last year, there is no need for a swimmer evaluation. Before the first practice, all new swimmers must register here and on USA Swimming.

New Swimmer Evaluation: Please contact our Head Coach Lindsey Little at [email protected] to schedule a day and time for an evaluation.


New Swimmer Two Week Trial:  If you or your child are wondering if swimming is for you and your family, we offer a 2-week trial with registration.  You must complete the entire registration process.  Choose to pay with a check and bring the check to the pool.  We will hold the check until you make your decision.  If you decide not to continue after 2 weeks, your check will be destroyed or returned without being deposited. Note: This does not mean your swim fees are prorated for the two weeks if you join.

We look forward to having you join the Clemson Aquatic Team and are excited for a great swim season!

Note: USA-S or USMS registered athletes from other teams who wish to train with CAT while in the Clemson area temporarily, may train a maximum of 15 days/year without joining CAT and paying swim fees. Visiting or Temporary Swimmers not registered with either USA-S or USMS must provide proof of registration with either organization prior to swimming with CAT.

If your swimmer has not yet been evaluated, please do not continue the registration process!

All the material included in the registration process is available at https://www.teamunify.com/team/sccat/page/team-info