Elite Otters Masters Swim Program


Practice Times:

Mondays & Wednesdays: 12:00 pm

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays: 8:00 am

***Due to COVID restrictions, Master's Swimmers are required to have a set swimming schedule.  Drop ins only allowed if there is room available.


Monthly Dues:

  • 2 Days per week: $50
  • 3  Days per week: $75 
  • 5 Days per week: $125
  • Drop In Fee: $15 per practice
  • EOST Registration Fee: $25 annually
  • USA Master's Membership also required.


Pool Location: 

405 South Pavillion Way

Palm Springs, CA


EOST Masters program is for individuals ages 18 and older.

Individuals must be a registered with U.S. Masters Swimming to attend practice.