EOST Team of 5 Races To 26 medals and 429 Points At Eastern Committee Championships

Laura Otteson

PALM SPRINGS, CA – February 7, 2020 – 22 teams competed at the Eastern Committee Championships in Perris, CA.  With only 5 swimmers EOST finished in 9th place with 429 points.  The swimmers had amazing performances achieving 26 medals out of 27 races. 

Coach Otteson commented, "Our swimmers had an incredible day!  If you take away the relay points, EOST would have finished in the top 3.  Relay teams score double points, so it's hard to compete with teams that are showing up with multiple relays.  However, our swimmers were ready to compete.  They proved that EOST is a force to be reckoned with."

Ava Otteson had an excellent meet with Spring Junior Olympic Cuts and time drops in all 6 of her races.  Otteson raced to a gold medal in the first event of the day in the 200 freestyle, swimming a flawless race, dropping nearly 5 seconds finishing 2 body lengths ahead of the rest of the pack. 

Up next was Shayna Hecht, swimming to another gold medal, dropping almost 2 seconds, again finishing far ahead of the pack.  She also finished to a second gold medal in the 100 IM and 3 silver medals! Hecht had an incredible day! 

Casey Hecht competed in the 50 freestyle, dropping 2 seconds and  placing first in his heat achieving a silver medal.  Istvan Banki also dropped in every race bringing home multiple medals.  Finally, Owen Otteson qualifed for the Spring Junior Olympics in an incredible 50 Freestyle race!  EOST performances continued to be incredible throughout the weekend!  Here are the official results:

Ava Otteson: 100 points

  • 200 Freestyle Gold Medal - time drop 4.36 seconds ***Spring Junior Olympics Cut
  • 50 Freestyle 5th Place Medal - time drop .65 seconds ***Spring Junior Olympics Cut
  • 100 IM Bronze Medal - time drop 1.56 seconds ***Spring Junior Olympics Cut
  • 100 Freestyle Silver Medal - time drop 1.54 seconds ***Spring Junior Olympics Cut
  • 100 Butterfly Bronze Medal - time drop 2.31 seconds ***Spring Junior Olympics Cut
  • 50 Backstroke Silver Medal - time drop 1.02 seconds ***Spring Junior Olympics Cut

Shayna Hecht: 107 points

  • 100 Backstroke Gold Medal - time drop 1.83 seconds
  • 100 IM Gold Medal - time drop .62 seconds
  • 50 Butterfly Silver Medal
  • 100 Freestyle Bronze Medal
  • 200 Freestyle Silver Medal
  • 50 Backstroke Silver Medal

Owen Otteson: 94 points

  • 50 Freestyle 4th Place Medal - time drop .95 seconds ***Spring Junior Olympics Cut
  • 100 IM Silver Medal - time drop 2.89 seconds
  • 50 Butterfly 4th place Medal - time drop .15 seconds
  • 100 Freestyle Bronze Medal
  • 100 Butterfly 5th Place Medal
  • 50 Backstroke 2nd Place Medal

Casey Hecht: 91 points

  • 50 Freestyle Silver Medal - time drop 2 seconds
  • 100 IM Bronze Medal - time drop .07 seconds
  • 50 Butterfly 4th Place Medal
  • 100 Freestyle 5th Place Medal
  • 50 Breaststroke Silver Medal
  • 50 Backstroke 7th Place Medal

Istvan Banki: 37 points

  • 100 Breaststroke 4th Place Medal - time drop 8.26 seconds
  • 100 IM 6th Place Medal - time drop 4.77 seconds
  • 50 freestyle 9th Place - time drop 2.48 seconds


EOST's next meet will be in Palm Springs February 28 - March 1.

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