Dryland Training With Elite Otters

The Coaches believe dryland training is an essential component towards success with Elite Otters Swim Team.   They believe that dryland training should be incorporated on a regular basis to maximize the swimmer's performance. 

The purpose of dryland training for swimming is to improve the swimmer's power, athleticism and overall speed in the pool. Listed below are reasons Elite Otters requires dryland training as part of our swim program:

  1. Increased muscle formation and bone density
    • through strength training (even with own body weight) new muscle is formed and bone density is improved
  2. Core strength 
    • helps athlete get off the starting block and increases speed on turns
  3. Injury Prevention
    • dryland varies the athlete's normal range of motion in the water which challenges different muscles to engage
    • stronger muscles help distribute force putting less strain on joints, tendons and ligaments
  4. Learn Biomechanics
    • requires focus, muscle recruitment and coordination
    • balance and stability improve
    • better posture through core engagement which improves breathing
  5. Generate more power
    • Explosiveness develops well on land due to solid surface
    • Requires quick bursts of energy