Bluffton Swim Groups

Blue FIns AG1 – (Ages 6 -10): This group focuses on more advanced drills and skills in all four competitive strokes. Proper technique is taught along with racing skills, racing starts, and racing turns. (1,500 – 2,000 yards/ practice)


Red Fins AG2 – (Ages 8 -12): This group continues to focus on proper stroke technique and racing skills in all four competitive strokes by using advanced drills. Training is incorporated into daily workouts and specific race strategy for each event is introduced. (2,500 – 3,500 yards/ practice)


Silver Fins AAG – (Ages 10 -13): This group is a stepping stone between the age group and senior programs. With increased training to prepare these athletes for senior level swimming this group focuses on advance stroke technique and racing skills, Specific race strategy for each event is also applied daily in practice. This group is for swimmers who are striving to advance into the Senior 2 group as they mature and develop with beyond their stay in Age Group 3. (4,000 – 6,000 yards/ practice)


Senior Group – (Ages 12 & older): This group is for swimmers who strive to be competitive at the State, Sectional or National levels and develop a strong condition background. The group provides advance level of training with focus on athletic development, race strategy, and athletic preparation. (6,000 – 8,000 yards/ practice)


Group Equipment Needs:

Blue FIns - Fins, Goggles & Snorkels

Red Fins - Fins, Goggles, Paddles, Snorkels 

Silver Fins - Fins, Goggles, Paddles, Snorkels, Tempo Trainers

Senior Group - Fins, Goggles, Paddles, Pull Buoy, Snorkels , Tempo Trainers


Please take time to investigate swim gear. Gear need (Click the lick to see recommended):

·       Paddles

·       Kick Board

·       Pull Buoy

·       Snorkel

·       Fins

·       Mesh Bag

Team Store –

On a computer: On the right top click on TEAMS, enter 843fins (click on 843fins, Hardeeville, SC).

On Phone: On the left top click on the 3 waves, scroll to the bottom and click on TEAMS, scroll down a little and enter 843fins in the " Looking for your team? box, click on 843fins, Hardeeville, SC.