Fins Academy Pre-Team Swim Programs  

2022 Pre-Team Program

FINS Academy

New Swimmer Evaluations

Please email Caitlin O’Brien [email protected] or text 843-338-5821 & Follow FINS Academy (@theFINSAcademy) on Facebook.

To Register

After evaluation, fill out forms and email c[email protected] . Contact Caitlin O’Brien with any questions.


Mid-March until Late October

FINS Academy Offerings

FINS Academy Group - $200 per month

Private Training- $60 per 30-minute session

Payment Policies

Monthly fees are due via check or cash by the 1st of each month. Regardless of practice attendance, practice schedule changes, canceled practices, monthly dues will remain the same. If you take a family vacation or break during holidays, or swimmer misses several practices for any reason your monthly dues will still be owed.