Gamecock Aquatics Athlete Development Model





Ages 6-8

Roosters and Hens

Ages 9-12


Ages 13+



















Session Duration

45 min.

0 min.

1 hour

15 min.

1.5 hours

15-30 min.

1.5 – 2 hours

15 – 45 min.



800 - 2000

3000 - 6000

5000 - 8000

Weeks of Training/Year

38 weeks

38 – 44 weeks

38 – 44 weeks

44 – 48 weeks

Motor Learning Objectives

  • Develop a feel for the water, the ability to make corrections in movement patterns.
  • Develop general body co-ordination and strength









  • Develop a feel for the water, the ability to make corrections in movement patterns.
  • Learn the technical skills of all four strokes.
  • Develop general body co-ordination and strength
  • Learn good habits for maintaining and improving natural flexibility.
  • Learn to maintain correct technique on longer (submaximal) swims.
  • Learn to maintain correct technique on short sprints
  • Maintain efficient technique as body proportions change.
  • Accommodate increases in muscle strength to improve swimming efficiency.
  • Retain diversity of performance goals (compete in various stroke events and distances).
  • Improve both steady pace and sprint performance using ideal stroke technique (all strokes).



  • Adapt to diverse training methods.
  • Refine stroke technique during all speeds & intensity of swimming
  • Apply strength and power to swimming performance.
  • Specialize in strokes and competition distances.
  • Retain range of motion and muscular co-ordination at all swimming speeds.
  • Refine race skills (starts & turns, tactics, pace, etc.).
  • Learn to race prep for peak performance

Core Value of Group

  • Fun
  • Fun
  • Belief
  • Fun
  • Belief
  • Ownership
  • Fun
  • Belief
  • Ownership
  • Leadership
  • Discipline


  • Enjoyment of pool



















  • Enjoyment of pool and land based activities.
  • Learn to function as an individual within a group activity
  • Become familiar with rules and competitive situations.
  • Learn the TEAM cheers and culture.













  • Enjoyment of swimming activities and desire for personal improvement
  • Become part of the TEAM culture
  • Improved personal management skills (balancing training, school and social objectives). 
  • Develop habits and mindset which support an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Begin to function with less direct supervision and make positive decisions regarding training compliance.
  • Seek opportunities to make the TEAM better






  • Become leaders of our TEAM culture.
  • Create the environment you can grow in.
  • Enjoyment of the process (i.e. goal setting) and product (i.e. attainment of results) of sports participation.
  • Understanding and practicing performance management skills (such as good nutrition, recovery techniques, mental skills, etc)
  • Independence (i.e. working with a coach and support personnel, but taking responsibility for self).
  • Improved personal skills (including education & vocational objectives).



Competition Objective

  • Have fun and learn the swim meet environment.










  • Personal improvement (in both performance and skill) and enjoyment should be recognized and reinforced.








  • Club and State level competition (age group).
  • Performance goals should be evaluated regularly, as they apply to both training and competition.
  • Value each race opportunity as learning experience.
  • Skill development, improvement, and number of events swum are the most important goals.
  • Learn warm up and warm down protocols for the TEAM
  • Compete with belief in yourself.
  • Become self-reliant in warm up and warm down.
  • State and National (age-group) performance goals.
  • Competition in 'senior open' events as ability improves.
  • Selection of events begins to focus on stroke and distance.
  • Race strategies and mental skills are perfected