Age Group Program

Gamecock Aquatics is a year-round competitive TEAM with training groups to fit the needs of swimmers all ages and ability levels.  Please keep in mind that age ranges are not absolute.  At time an older swimmer who is new to the sport may start with a group that is predominantly younger. These group descriptions are provided to give you a sense of our TEAM’s construction and the progression your child is likely to follow as he/she move through Gamecock Aquatics.

Developmental Groups (8th Grade and Younger)

Peeps (Pre-Competitive All Ages) – This group is for athletes who are interested in swimming but are not ready to compete at this time. This is a step between swimming lessons and the competitive program. The emphasis will be on teaching the fundamentals of the competitive strokes. 

Chicks (6-8) – Chicks will all learn to swim and compete all four competitive strokes in a legal manner.  Chicks will sharpen their competitive strokes with and emphasis on kicking and drill work.  The basic skills for starts, turns, and mindset for training for the next level will also be emphasized.  In this group we will work with the athlete to develop a sense of BELIEF in themselves.

Roosters and Hens (9-12) – Roosters and Hens transition from primary stroke and technique instruction to a combination of technique and training.  Kicking and skill development will be the primary form of learning and development with the addition of training sets meant to challenge the swimmer.  At this level goal setting will be introduced.  A primary goal will be to help the athletes develop OWNERSHIP making them more accountable for their progress in the sport.  Consistent practice attendance is necessary for continued improvement and advancement.

Gamecocks (13+) – Gamecocks will take on a much more rigorous training load than Roosters and Hens.  It is important that we build on the skills developed as a Rooster and Hen.  Practice times longer in conjunction with the stimulus needed to compete at their level of swimming.  We will look for swimmers in this group to develop LEADERSHIP and the accountability needed to train in the Gamecock group.  In addition to the greater physical challenge swimmers will be expected to understand interval training and develop a higher understanding of racing.


We want to hold all Gamecock Aquatics members to the standard of being a BOLD student-athlete. We want to instill the values of BELIEF, OWNERSHIP, LEADERSHIP, and DISCIPLINE into all our student-athletes as they all bring value to our TEAM and are a valued member of our TEAM.

BELIEF – We are working to encourage student-athletes to believe they are capable of anything they are willing to work towards if they approach their dreams and goals with honest effort and a willingness to grow.

OWNERSHIP – As we develop our belief in ourselves as individuals we will encourage student-athletes to take ownership accountability of their craft. This will include their attitude, work ethic, attention to detail, interactions with coach parents or TEAMmates, and preparation for each day.

LEADERSHIP – We will look to develop the basic skills needed to become leaders in the community, classroom, and community.  Among these we will focus on are communication, interpersonal, problem solving, and decision-making skills. At this stage we are looking to create an environment for Gamecock Aquatics athletes to grow and thrive in as they positively influence the culture of their TEAM.

DISCIPLINE – We are going to be working with the student-athletes to use their leadership skills to navigate the moments of trial we all incur in life, to work through struggle instead of avoid it.

If you have any questions about the training aspect of your student-athletes experience it is best that you reach out to the assigned coach or to Coach Kuzma with any concerns.