Swim Charleston is a  501c3*. All donations to the team are tax-deductible!

Donations can be mailed to: 1150 HungryNeck Blvd Suite C, PMB202, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 

Members can also make donations using the online accounting system.

Needs for 2019-2021 include: 

  • Additional underwater video equipment - $3000 purchases an additional underwater camera to allow multi-camera analysis.  
  • Additional Swim Talkers (10-20) - $750 purchases 10 talkers and one transmitter.
  • Finis ankle straps (10 @ $5-9/each)
  • Speedo Dragtini Parachutes (20 @ $60-80/each)
  • Banquet and Swim-A-Thon Sponsors ($200-$3000/yr - opportunities for prominent sponsorship information on our website and quarterly ad on our FB page as well as prominent placement on all banquet materials)
  • Scholarship Funding including the SwimCharleston collegiate athletic scholarship (awarded to senior swimmer(s) participating in an acredited 4 year college or university Division 1, 2 or 3 competitive swimming program) AND the SwimCharleston Age-Group scholarship for financially challenged athletes.

*Ask us for our federal ID number if you need it.