In addition to a team suit for meets, t-shirts (each swimmer receives at least 2 tshirts each season)(extras are $12 each) and caps (each swimmer receives two silicone caps each season and they are $10/ea after that), Swim Charleston swimmers need the following equipment to participate fully:

practice suit (do not wear your meet suit to practice)

mesh equipment bag (any color any style for wet equipment poolside -- swimmers will take this home every night) 

long fins (see store link at Suits/Equipment tab)(do not purchase inexpensive ones at Target or Walmart)

Level 1/1Plus/2/2Plus -- one game die (foam game die can be purchased at The Dollar Store but any dice will work) 

FINIS alignment kickboard (this type is REQUIRED

running shoes (your preference) 

goggles (no scuba goggles)

pull buoy (prefer Junior size single piece but any will do)

           water bottle (all swimmers Levels 2/up must bring one to practice)

loose drag suit for all male swimmers ages 12/over (required) 

           All Level 4/5 swimmers should have A3 compression sleeves

            (these should be worn to dryland AND practice [put on before practice] -- order will be placed in August)

Total estimated costs:

      Level 1:     $40-100 plus suits and tennis shoes

      Level 2-5:  $60-110 plus suits and tennis shoes AND compression sleeves ($46)


Most of this equipment (including optional) can be purchased online by clicking the Suits/Equipment tab. Alternatively, swimmers can make these purchases on their own. 

Please know that if you purchase through our team store, you are helping our team to be able to purchase additional needed equipment as a percentage of sales go to the team.