Bronze 2 Group

Bronze Group Coach:


Bronze 2 Group (ages 5 -12)

Bronze 2 Group develops the four competitive strokes, starts, and all turns used in competitive swimming. 

The Bronze 2 group is a group that is attending swim meets in order to further their swimming abilities. This group will build on their stroke foundations and begin to work on speed and endurance.

Group Goals:

·      To have red times in 3 events.

·      To understand all intervals on the pace clock.

·      Have all swimmers at Winter champs

·      Bridge the gab between beginner and advance training

·      Move into Silver Group

Group Needs:

·      The Bronze 2 group must have daily dryland attire including running shoes and appropriate running clothes.

·      Warm clothes for after practice, especially in the upcoming winter months.

·      Water bottle at every practice

·      Appropriately sized Fins


Bronze 2 Criteria

20 x 25's 5 of each stroke @1:00

20 x 25's free @:45

Attended at least one swim meet

Workout Days/Times:

Bronze 2

Monday-Thursday  @ EMAC     4:00 pm - 5:20 pm