Gold Group

Gold Group Coach: Coach Steven

The gold group consists of swimmers 13 and over that are looking to improve in competitive swimming. Competition at swim meets is expected in this group. This is our beginner level 13+ group. Swimmers will continue to focus on stroke technique improvement and begin to increase efficiency in all four strokes. Over time, speed and endurance will become more of a focus. We will teach the student-athlete time management and goal setting skills applicable for the pool and life.

Group Goals:

·      Learn goal-setting skills applicable for the pool and life.

·      Continue to focus on technical stroke efficiency, starts, turns, and finishes.

·      Bridge the gap between beginner swimming and competitive level swimming

·      Increase speed and endurance

·      Qualify for Senior Development Group

Group Needs:

·      The Gold group must have dryland attire including running shoes and appropriate running clothes EVERYDAY

·      “Strokemaker” paddles—either green or yellow depending on the athlete

·      Appropriately sized Fins

·      Water bottle at every practice

Workout Days/Times:

Monday-Thursday       @ EMAC            4:00 pm- 5:20 pm