Silver 2 Group

Silver Group Coach: Coach John 

From the Bronze 2 group, athletes move into this group.

Silver Groups (ages 8 -12)

Group Focus:

Silver group is an advanced group for competitive younger swimmers wishing to make “J.O.” times and above. Competition at swim meets is expected in this group. Swimmers will be working on improving strokes and be introduced to advanced racing strategy. They have goals that relate to progressing through the USA Swimming levels, moving from age group meets to sectional level athletes.  

Group Goals:

  • To make cuts that qualify for the Junior Olympic meet
  • Qualify for Winter Age group Championship
  • Final at Junior Olympics
  • Increase quality and quantity of training

Group Needs:

  • The silver group must have daily dryland attire including running shoes and appropriate running clothes.
  • Warm clothes for after practice, especially in the upcoming winter months
  • “Strokemaker” paddles (red or green) a MUST
  • Appropriately sized Fins
  • Water bottle at EVERY practice
  • Snorkel optional

Silver 2 Group Criteria

  • 10 x 50’s @ :45 at end of practice
  • 20 x 25’s IM Order @ 30
  • 10 x 100’s @ 1:30 at end of practice
  • 8 x 100’s IM @ 1:45 at end of practice
  • Legal in all four strokes
  • Must be Dive and Turn Proficient
  • Must have a WAG/JAG cut or be within 1 second of two



Workout Days/Times:

Silver 2:

Monday-Thursday   @ EMAC 4:00 pm -5:20 pm