Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I have a son/daughter that is 2 years old. Can he/she join? -Unfortunately, no. The starting Age for SwimAmerica lessons are 3 years and above.

2. When is the best way to register? - The easiest way to register is to follow the link online under "Summer Lessons". You may also come the morning of the first lesson, June 14th, at the MHS facility. Instructors will be there to help guide you through the process

3. Can I register for other sessions or only that session? - You may register for any and all sessions from the start of registration in May to August 9th. 

4. I missed Session 1, am I still eligible for other sessions? -YES! The sessions are run completely independent of each other. 

5. I will be missing a week, can I prorate? - Unfortunately, there are no refunds. Due to the fact that we hire high quality instructors and reserve pool space based on your registration, we cannot refund or prorate. Only in the case of pool closure will we offer a make-up date for the missed lesson. 

6. 4th of July is during session 2, will we still have lesson instruction that day?

No, we will not have instruction on the 4th. This year it falls on Sunday! 

7. ***Is Session 5 one week long because of the start of school? 
Yes, due to the start of the new School season for MUSD, Session 5 will only be one week long and are Half costs (one week vs Two week)