NEW IMPROVED WEBSITE, 2023 USA Registration Link, Swim 3.0

Michael Jafari

Good afternoon MAX Aquatics Families!


I am happy to announce our offical NEW IMPROVED WEBSITE! 

It is primarilly improved to handle the new USA Swimming "SWIMS 3.0" Registration. In the past, MAX Aquatics registered for you on your behalf and automatically included this in the December Dues. The new USA System no longer provides this luxury. Instead, all individual families must register their own Athlete's Premium Membership ($84). Valid now through December 31st, 2023. 

Please follow the link provided and register as soon as possible to avoid any lapses in registration and eligibility. If you need a new link, please email coach Michael at [email protected] 

To aid in this registration here are some step-by-step video's!:

How to create an Account as a Parent - VIDEO

How to create an Account for Existing Members - VIDEO


Enjoy the new website, get registered, and let's swim fast! 

MAX Coaching Staff