Listed below are several of the most frequently asked questions.  Please feel free to contact the coaching staff or Board for additional assistance.

1. How does my child sign up for the Riptides?  The first step is contact the coaching staff to schedule an evaluation.  The evaluation determines training group placement and only takes about 15 minutes.  Children are placed into the appropriate training group primarily based on their ability and previous swimming history.  Call (843) 222-7105 to schedule.

2. Where are Riptides’ practices held?  The Riptides practice at both the Pepper Geddings Rec Center and Canal St Rec Center in Myrtle Beach.  Click HERE for directions.

3. What are the costs?  There is an annual registration fee for all swimmers.  Tuition varies by training group and is paid monthly.  Meet fees can vary depending on location of the meet and/or the level of the meet.  Each family has a fundraising obligation.  MBR will conduct several fundraisers during the year. 

4. Does my child have to attend all practices and meets?  Only if they would like to.  The Riptides’ coaching staff utilizes a "progressive" system of training.  Swimmers in our younger groups are permitted to attend up to a certain number of practices per week.  As a swimmer moves up training groups, he or she may add more practices. 

However, swimmers in the Senior, Gold and Silver groups do have minimum practice requirements due to the level of competition the swimmers compete.

The Riptides’ meet schedule does what no other team can... offer a variety of meets for every level of swimmer.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend meets as their family schedule permits.  The Riptides offers adequate opportunities for children to compete.

Younger swimmers will generally compete in the Grand Prix Series, where meets are held between Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Mount Pleasant.  As the swimmer progresses, he or she can qualify to meets around South Carolina, the southeast and the nation.  Click on a link - Training, Practice schedule, Meet schedule

5. Will my child have FUN?  YES!  The coaching staff enjoys laughing and having a great time at practice and at meets.  The coaching staff will always create challenging workouts to teach children and that true FUN comes in being successful at any level.

6. Will my child get individual attention?  YES!  Because the Riptides sets a maximum to the number of swimmers who can be in a practice lane or a training group, the Riptides is able to maintain the most ideal swimmer:coach ratio possible ensuring the highest quality training and safety for all swimmers.

7. What makes the Riptides different?  The Riptides utilizes a three-prong approach - coaches, swimmers and Booster Club - and has the recognition no other team from the Grand Strand can claim.

The Riptides' coaches are fully credentialed with USA-Swimming and are fully certified with the American Swim Coaches Association.  Our staff employs the latest in training techniques and is among the most innovative along the Grand Strand.  And Riptides' coaches are always available to answer questions regarding your swimmer.

The Riptides swimmers lead all others in commitment, dedication and determination.  A Riptides swimmer will always look to the challenge of learning and mastering a new skill or achieving a new goal.  Riptides swimmers enjoy working hard at practice and swimming fast at meets.

The Riptides parents are the Booster Club and they are the BEST!  Riptides' parents are proactive in event hosting, organizing activities and taking responsibility for doing their part.

The Riptides has earned several national awards as a team, for its athlete members and the coaches.  Others "claim" to be the best, but no team has the Riptides' recognition.  Riptides sets the bar for achievement and success.