Grand Prix 4

Riptides Racing Team Dives into 2016
The locally-based Riptides Racing Team began the second half of the short-course swim season with the final meet of the 12/Under Grand Prix Series.  Grand Prix 4 was hosted in Mt. Pleasant, where 14 members of Riptides travelled and achieved nearly 70% personal best times and seven top-6 finishes including an event win.

Ella Habib led all Riptides with four personal best times in the 50-freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke events and the 100-Individual Medley (IM).  Habib won the backstroke and placed top-6 in the IM.

Jessica Lyons also went 4-for-4 in events, including a team-leading improvement of more than 24 seconds in the 100-freestyle.

Seth Riley added his name to the list of Riptides who were perfect in personal best times and achieved a top-3 finish in the 50-breaststroke as well.

Emma Kinmartin, Mason Kinmartin, Caroline Lyons, Olivia Lyons, Hannah McDonough, Kylie McWhorter, Madera Palmer, Marissa Patricio Ireland Rose and Ella Speir each scored numerous best times and Olivia Bailey was right on her times.

Many of the Riptides’ swimmers were competing in “aged-up” events. 

“We had several of our 10/Under swimmers compete with the 12/Under swimmers for a variety of reasons,” said head coach James Smith.

“Generally we will enter the swimmers ‘up’ for family reasons – it makes the day a little easier when the siblings of different ages can compete in the same session; the meets have ‘time maximums’ so if we have a 10/Under with a State Championship q-time, we will swim them ‘up’ with the 12/Unders; or we will have swimmers from the same training group compete together so it remains more fun for the athletes.”

Next for the Riptides Racing Team is the Riptides Winter Invitational which will be hosted Jan 22-24 at “Pepper” Geddings Rec Center.  This is the last chance for swimmers to qualify to the SC Swimming State Championships.