As a parent member of the Myrtle Beach Riptides, there are many questions you may have.  Each of the articles listed below may address many of those questions.  Please feel free to contact the coaching staff for further assistance.

Parents on the Team by Dr. Alan Goldberg

Nutrition from USA-Swimming.  This is very important for all parents and swimmers.  Nutrition, along with proper and consistent training and rest, is vital to the overall success of any athlete.  The link provided can guide parents and swimmers.

Growth and Maturation from USA-Swimming.  Why are some swimmers so much faster than others?  When will my 12/Under be as fast as other 12/Unders?  These are just some questions coaches face from parents.  Many times, a swimmer is faster because they are just so much bigger than other swimmers in their respective peer group.  A 12/Under can be 12 years old chronologically, but may be closer to 13 or 14 biologically.  The link provided can guide parents and swimmers.

Swimming in College: This is an article from the Dynamo Swim Club.  It can guide swimmers and parents through the process of searching for the right college for graduating Riptides.  Parents and swimmers should start their research in the swimmer’s freshman or sophomore year. 

NCAA Clearinghouse Site: Any swimmer considering attending and competing in the Div-I or Div-II colleges must go through the NCAA Clearinghouse for eligibility.  Click on the link.