2021-2022 Membership Dues:

Training Group Monthly Dues
Senior $140
Gold  $130
Silver $120
Bronze $110
Blue $75

Dues - Monthly dues are paid every month, Sept-July.  Families with more than one child on the team are eligible for multiple-child discounts on monthly dues.  

Registration (click here)- $135 per swimmer which includes membership to USA-Swimming, South Carolina Swimming and one MBR t-shirt and one team cap.  Children new to USA-Swimming are required to provide a copy of their birth certificate or passport for proof of age and correct spelling of name.  Copies will be destroyed after confirmation by the SC Swimming office.

Fundraising - Each swimmer is obligated to raise $300 per year.  Families with more than one child on the team are eligible for multiple-child discounts.

Commitment - Each swimmer's commitment to the Riptides is as long as they would like.  If a swimmer does decide to take a break from training, at least 30 days written notice is required or the family will be billed an additional month's dues.  When the swimmer returns, all previous financial obligations must be cleared, including, but not limited to outstanding dues, fundraising, etc before rejoining their training group. 

Outreach - For those children who qualify for "free/reduced" lunch programming, there are systems in place to assist families in their endeavor to allow their children to swim.  These mechanisms can assist with registration and in-state competition (meet) fees.  MBR also has mechanisms to assist with tuition through sponsorships secured by parents.  All inquiries are confidential.  Please contact us for details, (843) 251-6484 or [email protected]

Meet Fees - Meet entry fees are not included in monthly dues.  Meet fees can vary based on location, type or format of meet.  Meet entry fees are posted on the meet information page as the information becomes available and are due at time of sign-up.