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"Top 5 Recovery Snacks for Swimmers" via USA Swimming
"Smart Eating for Swimmers on Race Day" via USA Swimming
"Top Tips for Choosing Quality Carbohydrates" via USA Swimming
"Children and Sports-Supplements: All pain and no gain" via National Team Consultant
"Are Supplements Appropriate for the Growing Swimmer?" via USA Swimming
(pay attention to "The Bottom Line")

"Concentration: The master skill of mental toughness" via USA Swimming
"The Best Advice I've Ever Heard" by Jon Gordon
"Does Swimming Matter?" by Mike Gustafson via USA Swimming
"14 Simple Strategies to be More Positive" by Jon Gordon

"...An Investment in the Swimming Bank Account" via Parkway Swim Club
"Perfect Practice: Getting the most of your training" by Dr. Alan Goldberg
"Too Many Kids Today are Soft" by Jim Vermeulen
"Turning On Your Off-Season" by Mia Bolton via Splash Magazine

Injury Prevention:
"Shoulder Problems: Fix Your Technique" via Russell Mark and USA Swimming
"Shoulder Injury Prevention" via USA Swimming and Scott Rodeo

"Strengthen Shoulder Blades With the Uppercut Dryland Exercise" by Swimming World
"Prevention of Shoulder Injuries in Aquatic Sports" via Jim Miller and FINA
(younger swimmers should use little to no weight to do some of these exercises)

"The Four Classic Causes of Shoulder Pain and Injury in Swimming" via Feel For the Water

"Being on the Team vs. Being a Teammate" via Douglas Dolphins Swim Team

USA Swimming - Free Safe Sport Training for Parents
"Playing Favorites" via the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA)
"10 Things Parents of Athletes Need to Know" by Stefanie Mullen
"The Summer Olympics: Raising Olympian Michael Phelps" by Mark Hyman
"What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents" via CNN
"What Parents Should Say As Their Kid Performs" by Tim Elmore

"Swimmer's Ear" prevention and treatment via
(summary: mix half rubbing alcohol and half white vinegar)
"5 Things You Will Take Away From Swimming" via SwimSwam
"The Daily Life of a Coach" via USA Swimming