SCSC Pillars for Athletes

  1. Be Prepared

  2. Give Your Best Effort

  3. Positively Contribute to Team


  1. Be Prepared: All our actions are completed with intention. We are proactive, not reactive; we actively decide what we want to do, then do it. Equally, we plan to allow ourselves flexibility to the changing demands of our sport. We understand that different or advanced challenges require different or advanced levels of preparation.


  1. Give Your Best Effort: In all challenges set before us, we will strive to present the best versions of ourselves. If the challenge is mental; we out-think. If the challenge is physical; we out-do. If the challenge is emotional; we out-shine. Often, the challenge is a combination of all these. Our efforts outweigh the sum of what is asked of us.


  1. Positively Contribute to the Team: We recognize that we, as important individuals, are part of a larger team mission. What we put into the team is absorbed by those around us, so we strive to offer a positive influence on the culture of our environment. We set the example for those who follow us, we use our voice to uplift those to our left and right, and we hold accountable those who blaze the trail ahead of us. We are not neutral or negative in the development of the culture; rather, we actively seek ways to improve it.